We made it on the chart!

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We made it on the chart!

My boys had their 2 yr checkups on Friday (and my 7yr old had his as well). Abram finally made it on the chart, but barely. lol. He's up to 6th percentile in weight, a first since he was 2mo old. Smile

So my boys are:

Abram weighs 23lbs 11 oz and 34in (38%) and Wyatt is 26lbs 11oz (34%) and 35 inches (65%). Yay!

Thats some pretty good weight gain for both, I think at 19mo he only weighed 19lbs, so I think about 4lbs each in 5 mo. Smile They have finally learned to love cows milk and sippy cups. Smile And I think they are all weaned too. So bittersweet for me. They have nursed once in the last week. They have only asked one other time each, so doing well. Smile

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Yay for a great appt and for the big growth. I know it's going to be bittersweet when I wean. When I weaned DD1 I thought I was ready but maybe after a week I'd wished I'd gone longer. I'd like to make it to a year with these two. How did you manage 2 years?

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Krista, mostly because I am stubborn. lol. I caught a lot of flak for nursing to 18mo with my son, so give me flak and I'll show you. ha ha! But WHO does say nurse to at least 2yrs, its good for them, and I felt the same way with my son, I wished I would have nursed longer. And after about 9mo it gets very easy to nurse and tandem nurse. Smile

They did nurse in the middle of the night last night. I couldn't refuse, they were asking so sadly, and I was so tired. So about 1-2 times a week, in the middle of the night. lol

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Oh yay! Ours are pretty little now too at 2nd and 10th percentile for weight.

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Yea for a good appt. Smile

I have a heard time imagining such light children. My 6 mo old twins just weighed in at 19.5 lbs. I can't believe that is what yours weighed at 18 mo. I can tell you what - I wish mine where lighter trying to lugg them around in thier carriers.

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Wow Jennie, that is heavy with the carseats!

Hauling them both is doable, but Abram now says, "Hehhhhh-veeee" whenever I carry him, apparently I say that a lot. lol

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That is great! My girls are staying at the same place they have been since birth. No changes here. Sarafina weighs 20 pounds, and Keira is now about 24 pounds. If only Sarafina would eat. I am not sure what to do there. I think we may have to look at testing her for food allergies. Sad