We are one month old

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We are one month old

We were one month old yesterday. Smile Getting adjusted to being at home. The drive was totally uneventful save for the fun dirty diaper change performed on mom's lap. However... once home they were all a bit fussy, I think from being so calm and in the car seats for so long. Since then, whew trying to get on a schedule. Had their check up on Monday (again successful trip to Fbx - 2 hours away) and all are doing awesome. Zach is almost 6 lbs! It apparently pays to be more than aware when feeding time is huh Zachers?!?

Not the best pic - but here we are... (and can I just say I swear I resized it! My resizing never seems to hold from photobucket to here - anyone know why?)
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Aw! Glad the trip went so well. The kids are darling, and I want to see more pics! How is mom holding up, and dad? Smile

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Congrats on one month! Whew! I am glad all is going well. I hope you are getting some sleep or have someone to help out so you can get some rest.

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I was wondering how you were doing. So glad to hear the babies are doing so amazing. How is it adjusting to 3?

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Woot, woot! Beautiful kids! How are you holding up? Are you getting any sleep?

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Glad to hear it's going well! Congrats again. I can't wait to see more pics. Smile

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Ooohh so sweet. Good to hear your wee three are growing strong. Yay!!!