Weaning Toddler Twins

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Weaning Toddler Twins

This probably only applies to a few, but wow, I have weaned toddlers before, not twins. This is going to be tricky. I am okay with going until they are 2, but really not after that. They are almost 18mo, so I have a while, but I would like to wean them slowly, but my attempts so far are not going awesome.

They always nurse before naps and bedtime, and usually at least once during the night. They nurse a few other times in the day as well. I usually tell them no if I can, and offer a sippy cup, but depending on how insistent/whiny/snuggly they are, I will give in. We recently cut out their first nap, so I thought maybe I could avoid that feeding, but they are still wanting to nurse around that time anyhow.

Wyatt is my super snuggly boy, loves to sit, cuddle, and nurse with his momma, like all day. lol. If Abram sees him nursing, well, of course he wants to too. Abram is more of a busy-body, so he would probably be easier to wean. On the rare occasion that Wyatt is playing and Abram wants to nurse, of course if Wyatt sees, than he wants to too.

About one night a week I have dh put them to bed w/o me, and they will go w/o nursing, but often over much crying and screaming (Wyatt is super dramatic). Plus they are both on the little side, Abram in the less than 5%, and Wyatt is 10-20%, so if extra nursing is probably good calorie wise for them. They are finally doing better with sippy cups, but they still do not love them. My older two loved their sippies, and had like 3 a day, these boys finish 1 a day each, on a good day. We've sweetened milk with ovaltine, instant breakfast, etc, and they just don't love it. I don't feel I can push weaning when they are going to miss out on more calories, ya know?

I would be okay with them self weaning at this point, but just don't see it happening any time soon. Anyone have any tips for me?? Smile

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I am not BFing so I don't have any tips.....lol

Just wanted to say good luck. Your boys sound exactly like my girls though Smile I had to laugh out loud while reading about them wanting what the other has hahahaha.

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Rachel, this is on my mind all the time and I feel like I could have written the same post, just changing the names and ages! I'm counting on you to find a way so I can use your experience. I'm willing to go on to 2 years, even a bit beyond, but hopefully not at this rate. They still want to nurse all the time, day and night. J especially is on the small and skinny side, too, and they are still terrible eaters, just pick at their food and take a few sips from cups or bottles. I thought they would be eating and drinking a lot by this age and nursing a 2-3 times a day for comfort but nursing is still emotionally and nutritionally essential to them and this shows no signs of changing. I'm lost.

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Yup, so similar. And starting to get more and more flak for still nursing twins. Not that it pushes me to wean, but it is so frustrating! Grrrr!

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First off, you are so lucky to have been able to nurse your twins. I nursed my first and now my fourth and it is such a good experience. I really feel like my poor babes got a little ripped off by having only the bottle. Anyway, your two don't sound like they're going to make it easy on you. I had a friend when I lived in Los Angeles (land of liberal and long term nursing) who would nurse until her kids self weaned and it often wasn't until between three or four. I worked in the nursury at church (18mo.-3yr old kids) and she would come in to give him a "snack" sometimes. So....if you're not willing to nurse that long it really sounds like you may just have to go cold turkey on them. I know you're worried about the calories and the fact that they don't take sippy's that well, but I'm guessing that after a rough week or so they will increase their milk consumption from the cups once they really realize they aren't going to be nursed anymore.

I think it's probably going to be like many of the other twin transition things. You just have to do it and somehow it works out...usually better and easier than we anticipate. Good luck!

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I do feel lucky it has worked out so well for us. My husband and I are in the nursery at church (18mo-3yrs also, except we have the older group, all turning 3 before the end of the year), its fun. Smile Anyhow... they don't get to nurse at church anymore, or when we are out and about, its just at home these days. Smile Doesn't mean they don't try, but nursing two there is just no discretion. I could keep it mostly covered (even w/o a blanket) with one baby, but with two... yeah. lol.

We'll see, I'm not in a rush just yet, but I may be whining again come Nov/Dec. lol

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I've been wondering lately about the same thing. Granted I'm not ready for that yet. Our goal is to reach 1 yr. They take bottles really well and I'm hoping that I'll be able to EP after that. Then gradually reduce from there. 6 months seems like a long time away. But then I think of how quickly the last 6 months have gone by.

Too bad you just can't say it's all gone. Or that they're big kids now and big kids don't need it. And then for them to be ok with that. Lol Smile