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Thread: What age did you lose naps?

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    My DD (turned 3 in April) went through a phase right around your kids' age when she was doing the same thing. Thankfully, she got over that bump and is now back to taking a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon and going to bed without a fight at night, too.

    I never took her advice because I love what little sleep I get so much, but my friend suggested that I wake my DD at 7am (or some fixed time) every morning and then the rest of the day would fall into place after that. So maybe one thing you could consider is what time they wake in the morning...
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    I'd say if it's effecting bed time, it's time to consider a change.

    Around here if the girls nap, bed time is much later than if they didn't. Elly will still sleep daily and she's 3. Ana naps 50% of the time and she'll be 2 next month.

    It really depends on the kid and they day, which isn't much help to you.

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