What age did you lose naps?

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What age did you lose naps?

We are just wondering if it is time. Boys sleep about 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon. They go down fairly well. We are putting them to bed at 8pm, but they play and mess around at least for an hour if not longer. Last night they pooped out at 10! This is driving us nuts since nighttime is OUR time and they are ruining it!!! Is this a sign we should drop the nap and try to get them to actually sleep when we put them down at night?

I am dreading this. I love their nap time for me time, but if it is causing them to not go down at night then I guess it's time. What did yours do? And how did you know when to stop napping them?

We always get them up no later than 330pm.
They seem tired in afternoon for naps.
They aren't overly tired at bedtime (just the opposite, usually still wide awake).

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Trey and Bella "napped" until just before their fourth birthday when we moved to a new house. There were some days that one or the other wouldn't actually go to sleep but I made them stay in their room for quiet time even if they chose not to sleep. They mostly took a daily nap though.

When we moved, they each got their own rooms, and stopped napping. I did have them continue to go to their room most days for quiet time for at least an hour. I continued that until they started Kindergarten this past September.

Good Luck deciding what to do! It hard to find a good balance!

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This is definitely one of those things that varies by kid.

My daughter napped until she started kindergarten! Then she obviously couldn't anymore. Some days I swear she still needs an hour of sleep midday. We still have her have quiet time in her room on the weekends during that time period.

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Just wanted to add that even in my kids' full day Kindergarten Class, they half a half hour of rest time each day!

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It seems my kids outgrew naps at about 3.5 or later. My dd was about 3.5, my ds could probably still take a nap (since he crashes in the car if we go anywhere in the afternoon, and he's 6.5!). We are currently letting go of the morning naps with the babies, because afternoon nap consisted of at least an hour of playing before going to sleep, and the few times we missed that morning nap, they more consistently slept through the night. But it has been a hard adjustment. Their bodies are used to resting at that time, so they often crash on the floor or couch or something. But they are sleeping through the night 1/2 the time, so its worth it, but it can be a very hard transition. Could you maybe move their afternoon nap a little earlier and wake them up earlier? Like now that the boys don't take their 10am nap, then their afternoon nap is at 1 instead of at 2pm. Good luck!

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I remember when I was little, I didn't stop taking naps until 5 or 6. I can't say for my little ones yet, but naps are SO important in the early years. These little guys need lots of rest to grow! Maybe put them down earlier and wake them up earlier?

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Three was just about it for us. Then it got to the point where Emma would be up all night if she napped. Like 11 pm before she fell asleep. It was too much. They sleep from about 8PM to 730AM without a nap so they get plenty of sleep. I would much rather the alone time at night with my husband. We still do "rest time" in the afternoon where they go in their room for and hour or so and read or do whatever. Its much easier for me to keep going all day then have them crash at night instead of them being wired until 10-11PM. Just my preference, though Smile

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Kodey and Kaleb napped until the summer after they turned 5........All of my kids have been nappers though. Cole is almost 4 and still naps most days and he still sleeps almost 12 hours a night. Heck now that school is out Cheyann who is almost 8 still naps occasionally...

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My daughter (now 6 yrs old) stopped napping for good at 2.5 years old. She would have napped sporadically later than that, but I put an end to it. When she napped, even for a short time, she would be wide awake until 11pm or midnight, occasionally later. It was exhausting fighting with her at bedtime. She was still sleepy during that time of day and was a bit cranky around 5pm, but it was not worth it to continue the nap. I cut it out, and she started going to bed at 7pm without a fight.

Starting at age 2 (she was still napping then), bedtime had to move to 9pm or even 9:30pm in order for her to be able to easily fall asleep. This worked for a while, but eventually I had to cut the nap out altogether.

I can tell that my twin boys will drop their nap at different times. They are only 19 months now, so it's not an issue, but I anticipate James will be done with napping long before Eric. Gah.

I believe sleep needs and sleep temperament is largely genetic. My mom says all her kids stopped napping early (ie. 2 to 2.5 years old). My grandmother says the same. The babies on my husband's side of the family are nappers, and napped for a lot longer.

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Hmmmmm..good things to think about. Just like everything else, there is no answer that is good for everyone, huh? Thanks for the input.

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My DD (turned 3 in April) went through a phase right around your kids' age when she was doing the same thing. Thankfully, she got over that bump and is now back to taking a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon and going to bed without a fight at night, too.

I never took her advice because I love what little sleep I get so much, but my friend suggested that I wake my DD at 7am (or some fixed time) every morning and then the rest of the day would fall into place after that. So maybe one thing you could consider is what time they wake in the morning...

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I'd say if it's effecting bed time, it's time to consider a change.

Around here if the girls nap, bed time is much later than if they didn't. Elly will still sleep daily and she's 3. Ana naps 50% of the time and she'll be 2 next month.

It really depends on the kid and they day, which isn't much help to you.