Where has the time gone?
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Thread: Where has the time gone?

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    Default Where has the time gone?

    I was sitting at work the other day and realized that it is just a little over three months until my twins turn 3. It seems like they were just born. Where did the time go? I feel like I have forgotten so much about their first year, even some about their second year. I just seems like we are entrenched in so much daily chaos that I have not taken the time to really write down key things about each of my girls. I cannot believe how they have grown and how big they are now. They look like little girls instead of babies now. AHHHHHH!!!
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    3???!!! When did this happen??!!

    I've been wondering the same thing. In three weeks my babes will be one year and I feel like I missed everything due to being overwhelmed/tired/stressed/frustrated (did I leave any out?). I'm in the mist of planning their (very small) party and going back to work. We finally found a nanny so I'm not stressing about that anymore, luckily. I'm so sad actually because I know they are my last and they are already 1 and the times only going to go faster once I'm back to work. Why can't we all just be millionaire and stay at home with the babes?!
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    Melanie, they are gorgeous! I cannot believe they are 3. Your siggy is adorable! It seems like so long ago that I posted here daily....this board was once my sanity...its amazing how fast they years go by!

    Happy birthday to your girls!
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