working while expecting muliples

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working while expecting muliples

Hi ladies! Lurking from pregnant with multiples....I was wondering how far.along were you when u stopped working during your multiples pregnancy... I'm am going on 20 weeks and hoping to go until I go into labor. I don't know how realistic that is.. I didnt have any complications with my son besides swelling at the end and so far besides some normal issues, pubic bone.pain, sciatic nerve I am ok.
If you were taken off work was it because complications. If so which ones ?
Did you give birth soon after? Did you get bed rest?
Thanks ladies

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I was already a stay at home mom, with my first (a singleton) I worked until the day my water broke (a few hours after work thankfully, lol). But this time, my cervix had shortened at 28wks, so I started bedrest then. I hope you can make it a long time working, but do take it easy!

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hi there...i was pregnant with triplets when my doctor decided to have me stay home at 12-13 weeks- very early..simply because if was triplets. i was able to do this because i was (i believe) very fortunate in that my company's benefits were amazing and they paid 100% of my salary and benefits the whole entire time i was on "disability". i was not on bedrest, although at 24 weeks my doctor wanted me to be on teh very easy side of things...i did not experience any complications except for the very normal and expected brazton hicks contractions while did lend me to the ER three times (at 24 weeks, 30 weeks and 32 weeks, i believe). i delivered healthy babies at 36 weeks..

hope this helps...good luck with everything!!!!

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I am an RN and worked three 12 hour shifts up until 28 weeks when I started having some contractions. So I went out then and honestly I was so ready to be done! I measured 40 weeks at that point and couldn't really stand on my feet that long anymore. I didn't deliver them until 38 weeks so I had 10 weeks at home Smile before they were born which was nice. I was never really on bedrest - more "couch rest." I just hung out on the couch but was able to get up and make meals and stuff.

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12 weeks...I was put on bedrest due to undiagnosed bleeding, then put in the hospital at 20 weeks due to pre-term labor.

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Thanks for the info ladies...I really do try to take it easy when I am home....besides dinner and some of the cleaning my husband has been getting better about chores at home especially the dishwasher which makes ne uncomfortable at times...I luckily have a desk job and don't have much physical work unless I am filling from floor to ceiling which bending over is.hard LOL....I am really hoping to not go out early and taking it easy as much as possible...

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I went PT right before I found out I was pg with twins. I had two PT jobs-- leasing apts and waiting tables. I waited on tables until I was around 23 weeks, then I started to host until closer to 28 weeks. It was just too much standing for me. I worked my leasing job until a week before I went into the hosp for preterm labor just shy of 34 weeks. I had been put on "couch" rest due to swelling that previous weekend. I had them a week later because of pre eclampsia.

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I'm a teacher. I worked until 36 weeks. It got very uncmfortable. I delivered at 37 weeks. No complications and no trips to l & d.

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I hope you'll have no complications but because you're carrying twins you should at least plan for the unexpected, go over your finances and talk with your employer about a back-up plan, in case you have to stop working. Some women have no complications at all and feel fine until the last day but I think that's exceptional. Most twin moms I've talked to ended up on bedrest at some point or at least needed to start slowing down because they were exhausted.

I stopped around 20 weeks, except for occasional teaching days until 28 weeks (I think; I just remember I was large and miserable and strangers kept asking if I was due that week). I had planned to teach full-time until 8 months but in the end I canceled my contract. Those first months were hard enough already, and a couple of times I had bleeding that required a week of bedrest and I had to miss classes. I was so relieved when the semester ended and I could stay home more. Sometime around 24 weeks I started having a lot of contractions and from 30 weeks onwards I was on bedrest, so in the end it was a good thing I'd withdrawn early on.

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My doc routinely wants his twin moms out of work at 26 weeks for modified bed rest (basically take it easy, rest when you feel you need to). Luckily my company paid 100%, so I was able to do this with no trouble. I went into pre-term labor at 29 weeks. I was then on a more strict bed rest. At 32 weeks baby A had almost NO fluid, so I was put on FULL bed rest until I delivered at 37 weeks. Good luck!

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Let's see if I can remember exactly - I know I was pulled out at 28 weeks (Having had no problems with my first child and working until a couple days before she came), and I was begging to be pulled out of work by then. It was hard to walk from the parking lot to my desk, never mind get through the work day.

I was on "couch rest" at that point, but was able to do less and less naturally as the weeks went by and then at 35 (ish?) weeks was put on bedrest.

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I was sin binned from work at 20 weeks- contracting too much. In retrospect, I'm glad although I was very very bored because I got so big so quickly I don't think I could have continued for much longer, anyway.

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I worked until 4 hours before I gave birth. I worked until 2pm on 7/11 and had the twins at 6pm on 7/11. They were born at 36 weeks, 3 days.

My dr usually puts twins moms off of work at 28 weeks. She asked me if I wanted to go off of work and I told her no. My dr and I have a good relationship and said she would let me continue to work as long as there were no problems. I would have liked to have went off of work at 28 weeks, but I just couldn't afford it and we are in the process of a major transition at work that I wanted to be a part of. I am a career woman and constantly trying to move up within the company. Missing this transistion is not good for my career but I am glad to be home with my LO's.

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I had complications but was able to work up until the week they were born (just shy of 38 weeks), and was able to have a natural vaginal birth to boot~

There are a lot of risk factors to take into consideration. Generally spontaneous multiple pregnancies have less complications, age, weight, occupation, family history, previous pregnancy experiences, etc.

Just take it day by day. Working to the end of your pregnancy is completely possible!