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I can't even begin to tell you how much easier things are on me right now. I'm alone again during the days as papa is a teacher and the school year has started back up again, so I was expecting everything to be pure misery ... BUT!!! My girly girl can tolerate a bit of formula now!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing just one 4-oz bottle a day and pumping the rest, and she still won't eat solids, but just the idea that I am not a nearly-9-month-old's sole source of nutrition is the greatest relief since the babies popped out. Sure pumping is hard, not sleeping through the night is hard, it's all hard, but this relief for me is a light at the end of the infancy tunnel and I can actually start to enjoy the babes. It's so good.

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Yay for feeling like it is getting easier! Biggrin Are your little ones willing to attempt finger foods? Some kiddos seem to like actual food better than pureed baby food. I have a friend who just fed her little ones off her plate starting at 6 months. They never bought or tried baby food. She didn't even make her own, it was finger foods all they way. Cheerios are good. My girls loved the Gerber puffs. Bread in small pieces, mashed potatoes, cheese (shredded, not cubes), cut up grapes (with the skin removed--I never allowed grapes because I am lazy Smile ), etc...

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Yay!!! Yahoo to some steps in the right direction. I agree with Mel. Maybe she'd be happier with finger foods Brad was. When I had them on pur?es he didn't eat have as much as Kay but once I started introducing finger foods he went crazy and now he eats a lot more then her. We also started with cheerios and they also love the puffs. And they love banana and any kind of berries. They also long beans and corn and carrots.

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My boy loves it all, purees, finger foods, he's working on a whole apple right now. But nope, we've tried it all with my girly. She'll eat one day they promise...

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So happy for you!!!

Things got much easier for me around 9 mo too Wink

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Yay for some relief!