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1 for CC from Eva's Christmas pics

Here is one of the first shots I took for Eva's Christmas pics...please CC anything you would change.

I did 3 sessions....one in front of the cream-colored backdrop, another next to the Christmas tree (and some in front of it), and a few outside later. It was a H&LL of a day and it completely exhausted me! LOL I took what I could get because Eva was NOT taking direction well at ALL and so I know there are a few hand/foot chops etc.

tripod used, all-natural-light, iso 1600, ss 1/80 (I know this is a bit slow), f/5.6, 48mm

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That's really sweet! I love it! I haven't tried to do ours yet today. Hoping to go outside when they get up from there nap, but of course Addison isn't feeling well. Figures, it is a beautiful snow right now, but COLD. UGH, I'm dreading this!

Any more to share? I really like this one!

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Thanks! I'm thinking it could use an exposure boost, cuz the BG looks a bit grey....yep I have lots more that I'm working on Smile

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I like it. I agree the WB looks a little off, but honestly, I wouldn't notice at all if I weren't trying to learn about this stuff Smile

I want to see the others!

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Oh cute! Smile I like it! Can't wait to see your others! I'm still working on mine. I bought my kids some outfits for Christmas. I just got to put them IN it and take some pictures but don't know when that's gonna happen! Ah well! Smile i'll use another pic for cards.

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The only cc I have is verrrrryyyy picky- it's the snowman! Wink I just wish he was being held better! GREAT capture! Sounds like a hectic day, but looks like you got a keeper!

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Yeah Sadie I agree LOL! it was so hard even to get her to hold her "props" right haha.

I do have better pics....this one isn't my fave but it was one of the first in the set. I'll post some more shortly, in a new thread! Smile

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She is such a sweetheart! And I think it looks pretty good, especially if she was being difficult about it!
I get so stressed trying to take pictures of my daughter..I usually give up pretty quickly. lol
Good for you for sticking to it!!

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Oh yeah I was pulling my hair out quite often that day!! Now that I'm working on my others, I see how yucky this first one looks lol. It defnitely needed a boost. But I have others I love much more. I'll try to post them soon!

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