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    Default 1 for cc pretty please

    A good friend of mine allowed me to take some pics of her. most of them turned out very nice and i'm proud of them...except the ones with the 1600ISO in the bright sun. man, i gotta work on that.
    I would love some CC on this one if you ladies don't mind

    100 ISO f11
    1/100 @ 55mm


    b. i ran a B&W action on it:
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    You're ISO/aperture levels are really out of whack. I can't think of a time when I would shoot with an aperture that high if it required my ISO to go that high. All of those shots would have worked as well or better with an f stop of 5 or lower. Then you could have dropped your ISO WAY down which would have avoided the noise you got in these shots.

    I like your compositions though.
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    It looks underexposed. I also would have opened your ap and increased your shutter speed. Just as a comparison, I usually shoot pretty wide open when only shooting one person (ap 2.8 usually, unless there are other circumstances like lots of movement or are at an angle to the camera), 5.6 for multiple people, and have never closed to f/11, though I may for Krissy's family reunion pic with 25 people. The reason I do this is because I like the shallow depth of field that a large ap gives me.

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    I love the comp here, and I agree with previous cc about camera settings. In your edit, her face still seems a bit dark. you could do a curves layer to get her face brighter and then mask in the rest of the pic. Nice work!

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    you have some good CC here already - I agree on the screen layer just for her face. that's an easy fix. I wish we had eye contact here, she could have looked up slightly and it would have made an entirely different image. it's a nice photo though.
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