1 Pic - CC :) Sorry I've been MIA

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1 Pic - CC :) Sorry I've been MIA

Hey Everyone!

I've been MIA again - so sorry! Life is crazy these days as it is with most of you. We added a new baby to the family 2 weeks ago... No "good" pics of our newest president Truman yet. And yes, he does LOVE the slide! hehe


Any insight on metering for this guy would be great! Spot from the white and his darks and too dark. Spot from the dark and his whites are blown! UGH!

I took this the other night and just had to share. I

Edited to add settings (duh!) - 1/800 | 1.8 | 200 iso | nifty fifty | D300

Thanks!!! Hope to join in again more soon!!

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oh, I love your puppy! what a sweetie!!!!! I'd meter off the brown spots and then do some masking in ACR to reduce exposure on the white fur. but only on a portrait of him, not a snapshot. Wink

your daughter is a cutie! her eyes look great! I'm seeing green in her skintone though ...

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That is a wonderful family addition. Beautiful too!! I would probably meter off of the black and up the exposure just a bit? But, I don't know the 'right' way to do it. Gwen's suggestion sounds good Smile

Your DD is adorable and love the sharpness you got!! Her eyes are beautiful.

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Thanks Ladies! Gwen - I'll check again, but my %'s were spot on...I might be seeing some cast in the shadows?!?! Might be time to recalibrate too!

Here's the shot at 100%...better idea of her eyes and the clarity too!


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What a cute puppy! What kind is he? He looks so fluffy and soft.
Great pic of your little girl. Her eyes really do look awesome in this shot, very sharp and the color is beautiful.
Overall I really like this pic, but the only CC I would give is that I wish there had been room to back out just a tad bit more in the crop, so you could get the top of her head and her elbow in the shot. But other than that, very nice!

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OMG! That is one ADORABLE pup! With a capital A!!!

This might be a case where a grey card would be your best friend. I have a pied pup myself and I never know whether to meter off her white patch or dark. I usually meter off the white and then under expose a bit. I would not advise this. I am struggling to get it right.

Good luck!


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Both subjects are very cute Smile your daughter's eyes are amazing. I love when the eyes turn out still so focused at 100%...very rare for me even when the AF beeps telling me it's right on her face/eyes, sometimes it's still not perfect at 100%. I have to work on that somehow.

Can't wait to see more from you soon!

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What a great capture. On my screen the picture of your daughter her skin tone doesn't show any hint of green. Looks good!

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Both subjects are adorable. LOVE your daughters eyes. I really have no suggestions, but it sounds like you have gotten some good advice on what to do with the dogs fur colors.