1 year ago...(long and drawn out. lol)
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Thread: 1 year ago...(long and drawn out. lol)

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    Talking 1 year ago...(long and drawn out. lol)

    Well, it appears I'm about 2 weeks late on this. I guess the Odessa race and some recent shoots have made the time fly. Before I started, I wanted to post this for some kicks. These were teh BEST I could find. I mean, the best of the best and I looked HARD. And btw, I thought I was the shiz-nat too.

    Okay, where do I begin? Well, lets start back in April of 06. I was pregnant with my 2 beautiful little girls and hired an amazing photographer to take some maternity/newborn pictures for us. People gasped when they found out how much we spent, but I new that I wanted something different than the typical Wal-Mart experience. These were going to be most likely the only children we had, probably the only pregnancy we had and I wanted them to be special. Unique. Us. And they were. When the girls came, we didn't have our newborn pics done right away. The NICU wouldn't allow it. So they were 6 weeks old when Heather came over. Again, the experience was lovely. She caprured our girls and how teeny they were and most importantly, these are the only *nice* pictures of Hailey with OUT a scar on her chest. I will cherish them forever.

    I snapped pics of the girls like...daily. All of them look like this:

    And while I love them because they were pics of my girls, I would never dream of framing them, kwm?

    I remember purchasing my nice p&s the day after Thanksgiving. I was giddy and visited the closet often to look at it and to read the booklet before I finally wrapped it. I didn't want to wrap it up and wait till Christmas, but I did it anyways. I was so excited to open that bad boy up. The pictures were more clear, and I was happy, but still felt like there was something missing.

    I worked really ahrd to improve though with what I had.
    (may 07')

    (sep. 07' my 1st catchlights!)

    (oct 08')

    (may 08' look at that blown shirt!)

    Then as Matthew's birth began to approach, I realized that what was wrong with the photos was actually ME! I had no clue what I was doing. And I had no clue how to LEARN what to do.

    About an hour after I brought Matthew home, my mother had a massive heart attack in my bedroom. A zillion and 1 thoughts raced through my head. When the doctors told us that she had brain damage and would be loosing some if not all of her memory, I picked up my camera at literally took a picture of EVERYTHING that Matthew and the girls did. I didn't want my mom to miss a thing! And honestly, I didn't want to miss a thing either. With all of the doctor stuff, it would have been very easy to rush thru life and forget that oh, there was a new baby here too. All of those early pictures made sure that I didn't forget that Matthew was once a baby too. And it was then that I started to lurk here. "WTH! How come my pics don't look like that? WTH am I doing wrong???" I never read the stickys(which btw, GO DO THAT IF YOU'RE NEW HERE! THEY NEED TO BE READ!), just looked at everyone's pics in amazement. A good friend of mine nudged me post here and I amso glad that she did. Thanks Kati!!! Ya'll were very welcoming and I thank you all for that very much.

    So I did what ya'll said to do. I read a bunch, I googled and more than anything, took pictures. LOTS of them. With the help of Jen Dodd(showing me the way to ProPs and for endless hours on the phone for guidance) and Kati and Stacey (technique) Amber( PP'ing and skin tones) I feel that I am finally improving. Am I where I WANT to be? No. I have a long way to go. I was totally hoping that I would be where Amber was at her 1 year post and I'm not, but not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. And that is a great thing to acheive.

    Okay, so here we are at the pics. My progression from my first post on Oct. 4th 08' till now. Thank you all for your support, your love, and mostly your HHCC and for helping me grow.

    Oct 08'

    Nov 08'

    Dec 08'

    Dec 14th I got my D90

    This is still one of my all time favs!

    Jan 09'

    OMG, the eye pop!

    Feb 09' Trying to lean about light, inside and out:

    wth, could someone PLEASE explain white balances to me?!?!?

    Mar 09' First BIG practice shoot. I flopped BIG time!

    this summed up my day:

    Playing around with OCF:
    CSC_0788 watermarkcopy
    Apr 09'
    My first newborns...they are twins! This was the first time I was happy with my results. AND most importantly, I waws happy with my pp'ing too.
    Picture 018 watermark copy
    Picture 008 watermark copy
    May 09'
    Picture 106 printable copy copy
    Picture 113 watermark copy
    Picture 094 sunshine copy copy
    June 09'

    July 09' Learning new tricks

    working on my conversions:

    Aug 09'
    Picture 022 crop copy copy
    Sep 09' Textures
    Picture 026 texture watermark copy
    different pp'ing styles
    Picture 199 watermark copy
    Oct 09' just now starting to fine tune things and be consistant to the point that I'm happy
    DSC_1317 watermark copy
    DSC_1222 watermark copy
    Picture 006 watermark copy

    Like I said earlier, I am still not where I WANT to be, but I think that's a good thing. I want to always continue to grow and learn. Thank you for looking at my progress and thank you all for progresing with me. I a, thankful for each and every one of you. And if you made it this far...you're a saint.
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    It's been an amazing journey, Kelly! You've made such awesome progress and I know you will continue to learn and grow.

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your progression with us.


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    Kelly, you have come a lone way with a lot of hard work! Great job!!!!

    Your children are so adorable!!! Love watching how they grow.

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    Look at your improvement! I really like these progression threads, b/c I feel like you guys start at where you are at. I kept feeling down, thinking I am going nowhere. You've come a long way, you are still continuing to improve! TFS!
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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    WOW! That's an insane amount of progress for one year. WTG and keep it up and you'll be blowing everyone away very soon.

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    wow Kelly, what awesome progression, that is amazing for 1 year, you always have beautiful pictures
    Marcie, mom to Alana and Liam

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    Wow! Loved this thread! You have made leaps and bounds of progress! way to go for still learning and growing!

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    Girl you have grown by leaps and bound beyond anything I ever could have expected. I am SO proud of you! love you!

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    Kelly, I really love seeing the progress. And your commentary is great. I can't believe it's only been a year, you've grown so fast!
    Gwen, Mommy to Andrew, Jordan, Natalie & Jack

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    Wow! What a great progression thread! You've grown so much and I'm so happy you've shared your journey with us.
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