1-year pics for a friend

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1-year pics for a friend

The lady (my age) that Eva used to go to for in-home daycare asked if I'd be willing to do 1-year pics of their adorable little boy within the next month (he turns 1 on Sat.). I'm excited but nervous!! I told her I'd think of some ideas. I'm going to browse Flickr etc. for ideas, and think about what all I'll need (she said she loves outdoors as well as "traditional" pics). He is not walking yet but is a bit of a mover & shaker LOL I hope we can keep him "tame" for some good shots. Smile she knows I'm not a pro btw. but she enjoys my Eva photos a lot.

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GOOD LUCK, are you thinking a cake smash? I love seeing those, but have not been brave enough to try one myself. Smile The 1 year old I took photos of I just had her standing holding a kids chair and a few of her crawling and sitting. It was a challenge though to keep her still, they love to just go, go, go at that age! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

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Oh, you'll get some awesome ones I'm sure! When my little "mover and shaker" was around one I used to give him something to hold on to while standing, like a balloon or ball, and it was the only way I could get a pic of him holding still! Maybe you could bring a balloon (with a short string)...that might make a cute picture!

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Oh, a balloon is a great idea -- my kids both loved (and still do!) balloons at that age.

You will do AWESOME! Your pictures of Eva are so great!

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Oh what fun! Cake Smashes, Balloons, Bubbles, etc. And containing toys like wagons, rocking horses, etc are all handy! You will do great!

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I am positive you will ROCK IT! I don't have much more advice other than what was given. One year olds are tough in my opinion. My favorite ones I have of Randy are just him being himself...nothing fancy.

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You'll do great Biggrin

Can't wait to see Biggrin

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Thank you for all the votes of confidence, you have more of it for me than I have LOL! I'm thinking less is best....I'm thinking a balloon or two, and/or a cute simple chair and/or blanket to sit on (or lean against chair), and/or a small cake or cupcake....and if they have a cute enough toy or toys that would work....and I'm thinking outside if it's nice, or if it's not, then in front of their big dining room window. I have to rely on natural light. If I have to do it inside, then I can bring my white backdrop; any other tips for alternate backdrops I can do on a tight budget?

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YEAH! I know she will be happy she asked you! I really have no other suggestions. Unless the kid has a favorite toy, or a rocking horse, rocking chair, etc... Those are always cute. And especially meaningful to the parent as it's something the kid really loves.