1 Year portrait & cake smash (kinda) cc please

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1 Year portrait & cake smash (kinda) cc please

I know I haven't posted much in the past year, not even sure most of you will remember me. In another thread I said I would post my session with my nephew so here I'am.

I had a session for my nephews first Birthday. I was able to convince my sister to let him get dirty and do a cake smash.

I originally set everything up in the backyard with a covered patio, after doing half the session we decided to go in for a minute so we could all enjoy the nice air conditioned house & get something to drink since it was really hot. Well after reviewing the shots I had gotten so far and zooming in I realized he was squinting bad. New plan we moved to the garage, by then he was pretty much done so I didn't get as much of a variety as I would have liked...and he wanted nothing to do with the cake, lol. So here they are cc is welcomed. Thanks Smile

UPDATE: I dont know why flickr put a purple border around the pics.

35mm lens


He would only use the fork, lol

My sister had just pushed his hands into the cake, lol

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okay, I'm cracking up about the fork and the crying face ... because that's totally what my son is like!!! great captures there! the backdrop seems to have a color cast, but it's 2:30am so my eyes aren't totally focused. did you shoot in RAW? cause I'm thinking it's just a WB issue (unless the background wasn't really white to begin with).

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I am also LOL at the cake shots. My boy cried at his cake smash too, lol! Again, can't comment on colour but I think the bottom of the seamless looks darker than the other parts. I also strugle with the same thing unless using OCF.

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I love the first one. His shirt is adorable. The last two are just too cute. The only thing that sticks out to me is the cake bits(I guess?) behind him in the second shot. I know its a cake smash but those bits seem a little out of place since the cake appears to be mostly in tact.

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Cute!! I like #1. I agree the bg has a very slight color to the top half.

About the Flickr borders, if you used the HTML code to link it, it will have a border by default since it's linked back to their site, unless you specifically add code into it (which I do)...I always replace the hover-over name code with "border="0" " so I don't get the border around mine. Smile

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Here's my $0.02 worth ...

1. I love this one ... Something about teh crossed feet just get me. I'll bet mom loves it too. And I can't believe how sharp his whole body looks at f/4.0.

2. He's too cute with that fork. did you do some clean up around his back? There's a bit of a halo around him there. I really like the candle off in the background. Nice work on keeping your seamless so smooth looking too.

3. That's what my boy was like too! TOO FUN!

TFS! I hope we'll see a lot more from you.


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Too stinking cute!! I love #2, the way he's reaching with the fork just makes me giggle Smile
PS: That's how my DD reacted when we tried to get her to eat her cake Wink

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Rachel!!!! Smile

Cute pictures, good job!! I myself love #3 he is too cute for words!
I always have loved your pictures, you should post more!!

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Thanks everyone for your responses and cc.

The background is suppose to be white but I don't own any lighting equipment so just natural light. I hope this Christmas I will get a one light setup to start with since I mostly shot studio style stuff. Oh and I did shot raw.

I did no masking to him just the cake so don't know why his back has a halo there, weird. My sister loved how he crossed his feet so I shot as fast as I could, lol.

Hi Jessica nice to see you posting I will pop on over to your thread in a min and take a look.

I plan to start posting more and being more active over here Smile After all I owe a lot to this board.

Thanks again guys!