115 degree and high noon... some for CC

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115 degree and high noon... some for CC

So it was 115 degrees out and 12:15 when I did these (she was semi-willing, so I took it). We have this old train car sitting on the corner of two rural highways here in town. When I saw the dress she chose I thought it might be a fun combo. I prefer a clean PP, but feel like I should try some color pop or vintage on these.

Full sun is something I avoid, so I have very little experience.

CC on everything!
ISO 100, f/2.8-3.5 and SS 1/1250-1/2000






and just for fun

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What a cute model!! Also, well done on being brave enough to try shooting in full sun.

I can understand why she was wearing sunglasses, but it does spoil it for me a little bit as you can't really tell if she is interacting with the camera. I might have had her pull them down her nose slightly and peek over the top, kwim?

You did well to mostly avoid harsh shadows. I really think that these could have used a reflector to bounce some of the light into her eyes. Apart from that, I think the backgrounds could use a bit more popping. I do like the storyboard, I've been playing with some myself recently.

I can see a huge amount of growth from you, so well done!!

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GREAT WORK for full sun!!!!!

I actually really love the glasses. They give it that 'Hollywood' feel. With the style of that dress, I think I *would* like to see a vintage treatment of these. I think it would really ROCK!

LOVE the collage too.


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I recently shot in full sun too (just trying to capture my kid at a splash pad at high noon) and it's HARD. what I don't like about it is how hard it is to get the light in the eyes. so that's my biggest critique of yours, the lack of light in the eyes. definitely bring a reflector next time (if you don't have one, you can get a 30" one for about $25). I wouldn't go vintage with these because of the black, white and & red combo - just doesn't say "vintage" to me, ya know? (just read GiGi's reply to you, funny how we think differently - give it a play and see how it goes). in your story board, the images are looking softer. you might want to run a high pass filter on them to sharpen some. the bottom left photo isn't as warm as the others (from where I'm sitting). but it's a very fun storyboard, and I like the red. Smile

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I like this set a lot! You are definitely dedicated to shoot in that kind of weather, too! I love the tight crops of #1 and #5 best of all. The full-body shots are nice, too, but the extra detail is just a smidge distracting for my taste. I personally like the mixture of shots with and without the sunglasses. They bring out a sweetness and shyness in your model!

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Those are great for full sun!! I totally avoid it at this point in my learning, so kudos to you for going out! She is such a cute girl, and you did a great job! I'm not good at technical CC, so you just get my opinion Wink

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Thanks everyone! I have not had internet for a couple days, s just now catching up! I appreciate all the CC. I have a reflector, but struggle with using it correctly, especially whenI am on my own. I seem to bounce too much light on my subjects with it. Something new to practice with Smile I think I will try a couple different PP styles when I have a minute, just for fun. Funny how some people liked the sunglasses and others didn't. I thought they added to the feel of the shoot.