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The last few times I have tried to upload pictures I thought that my camera had damage from the fall

It kept telling me that the startup disc on the computer was full, but as I dont do much on the computer except photography and the net I was at a loss as to why

However I was in iPhoto this morning(I have a mac) and accidentally clicked on the trash icon.

Yep, you guessed it 12,062 RAW photos in the trash makes 120gb + on my hard drive.:eek:

I have deleted them now

I am so dumb :rolleyes:

Anyway I got myself a shutter release today so I cant wait to practice with that and my tripod Biggrin

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Glad you found the problem!

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Yikes. That's a lot of file!

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ROFLMAO! I had the exact same problem this week. It took dh & I a good 30 minutes of trying to work out where the extra 150gb had gone. Turns out mine was in the trash too.

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lol! Glad you found and corrected the problem!