12 day old for CC (pic heavy)

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12 day old for CC (pic heavy)

The house was DARK! I opened blinds and got as close to the window as I could so I could use natural light. I am still learning skin tones... 30 second PP on all of them are slight levels and curves adjustments. ISO between 100-200 for all f/2.8 SS 1/60

I am finally trying out some manual settings





5. major cloning to fix broken handle of basket.... still not satified...



8. The color version of this was terrible and poor little one was DONE! so I tried a black and white save...

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Hi. No real CC to offer, just opinions. I LOVE number 3! Number 6 looks like she has thrush.

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"kiss_the_fiddler" wrote:

Hi. No real CC to offer, just opinions. I LOVE number 3! Number 6 looks like she has thrush.

I thought thrush too and mentioned it to mama, but she said her tongue is just like that a lot?

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Come on guys, I would love a little feedback... I am just figuring out this camera and want to do better.

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I can't comment on colour (at work) but #3 is probably my fav. I know you said by #8 she pretty much done but i would've like to have seen her either lying on something or swaddled in the bowl. Just looks like she was just put there, kwim?
#7-i would try a portrait/vertical comp next time and a tighter swaddle
#5-can't even tell where the broken part of the handle is, nice work
your B&Ws look a bit flat, like they need a bit more brightness to them or something. Overall i think you did a good job...Newborns are hard Smile HTH
Good work!!

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#3 is my fav too, the baby's expression is just so serine.
#4 is a close second.
#5 fix on the basket is great. I wouldn't have been able to tell. Not crazy about the positioning. It almost looks like the picture is upside down to me...
#7 I agree with the tighter/neater swaddle

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You might try cloning out the little white flecks (cotton from blankie?) in #1 so that they don't draw the eye away from the little toesies! It should be a fairly easy edit. (EDITED here--I originally put the wrong photo number)

I love #3. The colors and contrast look great.

I would have never know about the basket handle in #5. Great job! It looks to me like there's a little too much contrast in #5 however.

I'd like to see #6 with the white on the tongue cloned out, if possible. It's distracting from what otherwise is a very sweet shot.

I like the pattern on the bamboo bowl in #8.

All in all, it looks like you handled a challenging shoot very well!

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I think you did a great job! Would never have know the basket had a broken handle.

I agree with #1 in trying to close out the lint/dry skin. That's what my eye is drawn too first and is kind of distracting.

In #5, it would be nice to not see the disposable diaper. Maybe next time use a diaper cover, like from a dress, or something. I hate the look of disposable diapers, but then I use cloth so tha may be why it bothers me.

Overall I think you did a GREAT job!!!

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#1 is great. Would be even more special w/out the lint, but really ... you just can't go wrong w/ baby feet. Smile

#3 is my fave. I just love that sweet expression! I like the angle and tight crop. Some might want to have the whole arm in there, but I truly like it as it is - really brings focus to the face (where it belongs).


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I'm really new to this so can't really CC (cause I don't know what I'm talking about lol) but my fave is number 4. She looks so peaceful and perfect!

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I love the first 4!!! What a precious little girl. I agree #5 has an odd angle; but I do like the basket lining, and your cloning work! The baby looks very uncomfortable and twisted though.
#6 would be great if you could tone down her tongue a lot like someone else mentioned too.