13 Wedding Shots

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13 Wedding Shots

Sharing some of the edits I've done so far. I haven't touched most of the really troubling ones, but will share them when I get to them as I'd love some feedback. In the end, as I'm going through these I think to myself...I would have been thrilled to get photos like these at my wedding...but I'm so disappointed at what I didn't get. More portraits of the couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.... I'm hoping that they will be so pleased with what they do get that they don't really notice what they didn't get.

Obviously, this is too many to offer full comments on. Feel free to comment or CC if you like, but it's totally not necessary. Just sharing really.

1. This one was actually a ton of work. A good example of the back lighting. There was tons of haze and a big flare on the bottom of one of the bridesmaids that I had to remove.

IMG_9556 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_9415 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_9358 copy BW FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

4. They had wooden wedding rings and a deep love for trees. I placed the rings around a leaf of a fig tree that they had used during the ceremony and will be planting in their yard.

Wedding Rings by amberbella, on Flickr

5. Another shot that was a ton of work. Horribly back lit....I underexposed them quite a bit, so dealing with the noise in this image was quite a challenge. I still love it though.

IMG_9463 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

6. I love this shot. Before the ceremony they wanted to do a blindfolded meeting. I had to clone a person out of the left hand side of this image...but I think it turned out really well.

IMG_8999 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_9565 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_9535 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

9. The only lovely portrait I was able to get of the bride. Fortunately, it's pretty darn lovely.

IMG_9530-Edit copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

10. An example of one of the shots I was a touch disappointed with. I knew she wanted to do these foot shots, but we really didn't have time to do it until after it was already pitch black out. Also...there was no good location to do it. I wanted grass underfoot, but there wasn't enough grass nearby to do it right. SO...I was able to clone the grass in this one.

IMG_9759 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

11. But was not able to clone the grass in this one for obvious reasons. Kicking myself for this horrible composition.

IMG_9752 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

12. Man...I wish I had more time for photos like these....I had about 15 minutes top to get portraits of the couple after the ceremony. UGH!

after wedding BLOG by amberbella, on Flickr

13. More getting ready shots.

getting ready blog by amberbella, on Flickr

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Beautiful pictures, so far so good, the cloning on the grass is amazing.

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These are fabulous. Really. They will not be disappointed. I know the feeling though, after a shoot, when it doesn't go as planned. I bet you will feel so rewarded after all of the positive feedback from the couple, you will be convinced to do another wedding Wink

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These really are lovely!

Only ones I am not keen on are the feet ones but its more of a personal preference/taste thing than anything else.

Cant wait to see more


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No cc here. You rocked it! My FAV is the one of the bride! Great shot!

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No CC here, i love them! i read you had trouble with the wedding but you definitely cannot tell by looking at the photos! they are awesome!

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Ditto, this is a really beautiful set.

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Absolutely beautiful, Amber. As you said, if I had these shots for my wedding, I would've been thrilled. Wonderful job.

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I think they look fantastic! They will love them. The one of the bride is wonderful!

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Whatever you think these may lack technically, the portraiture shots more than make up for with the emotion and love that you captured between them (both the candid and posed ones).

I really love these.

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I agree with everyone, you did a beautiful job so far. I really love the ring shot. Such unique rings and then the personalized use of the fig plant is just beautiful. The first photo has beautiful back lighting and you did an amazing job cloning out the lens flare because I can't even tell. The bridal photo is wonderful as well, love the angle and tilt.

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These are wonderful, Amber! Love them!

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Beautiful work, Amber! As someone who has only a few p&s snaps from their wedding, I can tell you that these will truly be cherished!

I hope we'll get to see more as you progress through your editing.