1st attempt with lighting setup

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1st attempt with lighting setup

My fil works for Lifetouch part tme and brought his setup in for me to play with. It's pretty darn cool - 2 shoot-thru umbrellas (white lightning 800) and a hair light and then a sensor thing that goes on my camera to set off the lights. Is it obvious I'm clueless about lighting??? Anyway - it was fun to mess with although I had VERY unwilling subjects. Would love some cc on everything.

Oh, and I think I finally figured out sharpen for web, so woud love any comments on that as well!

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Brylee refused to sit on the setup unless she could wear her brother's hat...
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The lighting looks great!! The images look oversharpened though.. try fading it a bit..

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I agree with over sharpening, but I know nothing about studio setups, so can't comment there. I'm seeing some funky shadows, but since I don't really know what's acceptable, or how to fix it...I have no advice or suggestions.

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I love the pic of your dd!! SO funny! I think they look a tad oversharpened too. and the shadows arent bothering me. Im not digging the way the brown background is meeting the floor tho. Maybe you could get a piece of trim and set it down there next time to cover the seam.

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Tad bit oversharpened, but great catchlights!

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Yeah - these looked REALLY sharp on my laptop when I posted, but not as much here at work. So weird. Anyway - thanks for the feedback on that, getting closer!

And as for the floor - I have trim, but was in such a rush to get this done, I completely forgot until I uploaded them and finally noticed - ha. Maybe next time.... Biggrin

I hate shooting my kids! :help1:

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I think the colour & light looks good, agree about the sharpening. Mind you, I am not the person to ask about studio type lighting, I am really struggling.