1st birthday session-- Pics added CC please (Pic Heavy)

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1st birthday session-- Pics added CC please (Pic Heavy)

Took some pictures for a friend of her little girl for her first birthday today. AND I got a color-correction action since I have such a hard time figuring out how to correct color casts to skin..... How did I do?!


It was such a horrid day for natural light.. I felt INCREDIBLY stupid.... I totally forgot about my speedlight in the beginning. So just to for fun, here is the shot SOOC. I fixed a lot of the problems in camera before the session was over, but I'm so glad I was able to "save" this one.


Here are some others that I took. Thoughts?









10. Collage

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Danielle ...

What a little cutie you had there! I know her mom is just going to LOVE these!

I don't have a lot of time for CC this morning, so I'm just going to pick out a few.

#1. I can't comment too much on color b/c I'm at work and this monitor is notorious for making everything look yellow. However, with that said, the difference between your edit and the SOCC is pretty darn incredible! Though I'm going tos tay away from color comments, I do have to say, it just plain AMAZES me how your editing got rid of all of the shadows - especially those on the wall from teh balloons. The shadows that remain are unobtrustive and lend depth to the photo without being a distraction like the original. NICE! You got good eye contact here and focus looks really nice as well.

I like the idea of #2 and #3 a whole lot, but I wish her arm wasn't chopped so severely in #2 and the fingers in #3. I really like that we can see more of her eyes in #2 - the look of concentration on her face is priceless - great catch!

I love #4 and #5, despite small finer/hand chops. I've always been a fan of these "aftermath" shots. Smile

I also really like #6. Great focus and really nice eye contact. Since she is filling up so much of the frame, the hand chop doesn't bother me here. And this is probably my monitor, but her hair looks very yellow (not blonde).

#7 is one of my favorites. Great eye contact! Focus and exposure look really good too. I could see this one on thank you cards or party announcements, etc. Very sweet!

I really love the mix of photos in the collage and I'm sure mom will love them all as well. Personally, I'd want a nice big print of the collage. It's just too fun!

Thanks for sharing Danielle!


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Aww! What a cute setup you have there! I'd say that the color is leaning a bit on the yellow side. I notice it especially in her hair. I'm also definitely noticing that you used the flashed based on the shadows that it created under her chin. Specifically in 2, 3, 6, and 8. Was your flash pointed at the ceiling? I think that if you were to have the flash bounced off of a side wall, or even off the window that you were using for your natural light, you'd get more flattering lighting on your subject. If you could get your flash off of your camera, it would probably be easier if you're not close to a wall to bounce it off of, or if you don't have any natural light available.

That being said, I'm sure that mom loves these! They sure are adorable! There are just a few technical things that us who love photography will catch that mom and dad won't Smile

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Thanks ladies. I too noticed the hand/finger chops. I was using my 35 mm, and with my big belly, it was kinda hard to move myself around. :/ Stephanie, what I think you are seeing is actually from the lights I had set up, not the flash. I was bouncing it off of the ceiling to my left a little, but I had 4 lights set up too--2 to the left and 2 to the right. She had a tendency to get close to one of them to my left. I tried moving it back, but it made the shadows of the balloons worse. I see what you mean about the hair being a bit on the yellow side. I was kinda worried about that myself. But when I tried to adjust for it, her skin tone was off. I thought it better to have the skin tones more accurate than the hair... Any suggestions on how to fix it?