1st go with a shoot through umbrella, pull back pic included

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1st go with a shoot through umbrella, pull back pic included

I am desperately trying to get the hang of using my OCF before the baby's 1st birthday (13 days and counting...argh!). I bought a shoot through umbrella today to help diffuse the light some. My backdrop is not big enough, but I used it to get these practice shots today. I also included a pull back shot so you can see how I was set up so that if you have any suggestions of how to better place things.

I had to increase exposure in ACR, then cropped, resized and SFW. Is the lighting OK on these? Anything I could do to make things better? I read somewhere that to help eliminate shadows, I should pull the umbrella in closer. Is that true? I did have some very faint shadows, but cropped them out. I did no WB work or anything on skintones as I literally just want to get to grips with the OCF right now.

showing off his 1st pair of real shoes!

Just for a laugh! This boy is breastfed and this made me crack up! I bet he wished it was real Wink

Pull back:

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ROFL @ the last pic & your comment! PRICELESS!

I think the pics look good. I can't comment on your questions about the umbrella, sorry.

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hahaha I LOVE the last one
sorry can't comment on the umbrella but I like your lil' set up

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i like your little setup there! is that seamless paper or? i think these pictures are great just the way they are. have you tried setting your own WB by using a grey card? you just take a quick photo at the beginning and set your WB and that's it. If you are going to be in the same lighting. I love my grey card! saves me a lot of WB stuff in ACR. I know nothing about the setup though sorry. Smile but i know any mother would love to have photos this great of their kid! Biggrin and i love that last picture! so cute!

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No help from me.. I dont even know the first thing about umbrellas or studio setups Smile The pics are awesome though.

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"sweetalienchick" wrote:

i like your little setup there! is that seamless paper or?

I wish it was seamless paper. It's actually a black out roller blind, lol! I really want a roll of seamless paper. Hmmmm, payday is this Friday, maybe I could just about get a roll here before the 7th Nov.

I have really only tried custom WB a couple of times, each time if gives me a "WB error" message. I think I need to go back to the manual to see what I am doing wrong. A grey card would be ace though.

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Love your setup. I'll keep the PVC in mind as a backdrop holder. I was planning on using my kitchen 'window' that opens to the living room.

I think the pics are great. I see a bit of shadow around his bum, but not distracting (to me).

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I know nothing about umbrellas or using OCF ... but I think it's cool that you have the umbrella and your practicing!

that last picture cracked me up! first picture looks good to me, but the second looks like it needed more light.

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Hi Kerry,

I have no clue about studio set-up and lighting. I like your set-up. What kind of backdrop stand is that? The ones I see online always have huge footprints, but I only have a very small space....

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Oh you did great........ way to go on the compromise for seamless paper.... I actually work for a company that makes exterior and interior blinds..... wonder if I can get off cuts??

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What a little cutie!!! Love the last pic and your caption! I wish I could be of some help, but I'm a total noob, don't even have my camera yet.

Thanks for showing your setup. What a great idea to use pvc pipe. I was trying to think of how to do a setup, now I have an idea! Thanks!

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lol on your last pic!! Too funny! The shadows dont bother me too much, but if that isnt what you are going for you could try dodging them a bit in PS. My taste for pics would be a tad bit brighter. I use shoot thru umbrellas in my "studio" I have two. One on either side of my subject. I pull them in as close as possible but far enough away that I dont get them in the shot. I still use a speedlight too, becuase my set up is in my basement and my shoots are in the evening anyway after work.
Im not sure if Ive helped you at all.