1st newborn attempt pic heavy

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1st newborn attempt pic heavy

Didn't go as planned... Sad darn shadows, but aside from that here are a few... I have never done this before... keep in mind all were done one handed and pretty much with one eye... just call me "bella"

Thank you for looking even though I dont post much on others, still working on trying to even feel qualified to do so.

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Hey Smile it doesn't matter if you are qualified or not Blum 3 just jump right on in and let people know what you think of their photos Smile
i think these are great for your first attempt at newborn photos. I like the 10th one.

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I really like the last one

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one handed? you did an awesome job with just one hand! I wish you had numbered these so I could give some specific comments on them. I think you got a lot of nice captures, and I bet the mom will be thrilled!

how old was the baby?

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This great first attempt at newborn one-handed photography Smile 3rd from bottom really caught me. Love it.