1st posting for CC - Pic Heavy

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1st posting for CC - Pic Heavy

OK so here is goes.....my first pic post for comments:

These are a few of my favs from the new camera. I don't have techincal info bc I'm posting from work. I **think** I could retrieve it from my iPhoto or camera if I was home...

**Sorry some are small, I had originally downloaded them for another board**

1)This is in my house in her play yard. We have double glass doors and skylights there, but I can't remember what time of day it was.

2)Newport RI-outside evening/night, no flash

3)Newport RI-morning on the beach

4)This could be my "Leaf" pic Smile In my back yard, early afternoon

5)Backyard, afternoon.

6)And one shot without the baby. Newport Beach at sunset. Hurricane Karl was passing by so there was some awesome waves. Pic does not do them justice.

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WOO HOO! Look at all you're posting! Here's my $0.02 worth to get you started ...

1. I love the playfulness of this composition! Although it's kinda small, it looks like your focus and exposure are really nice. Same for the light in her eyes. Good use of the glass doors!

2. This one looks a little dark and maybe even a little out of focus. It's hard to tell for sure with the small size. It's still a very sweet moment to have captured though.

3. I like the composition here. It's got a mysterious kind of air to it. The background is pretty blown, but that doesn't bother me because the focal point is not the beach. I do wish her eyes weren't quite so centered but on the whole i still really like this one.

4. AWWWWW! This would make a great leaf picture! The full sun makes exposure hard to nail, but it can create a nice dramatic look. I think here a bit of a fill flash would have really helped so that more of her face were not in shadow. You know, I would love to see a tight crop on her hands and the leaves. I think it would be a really interesting take on the leaves theme. Focus looks really good here.

5. Again, the full/directional sun is casting a lot of shadows on that beautiful little face. Using a fill flash or a reflector would help a lot, I think. LOVE your composition here. And the nice bokeh (a beautiful biproduct of that 50mm lens) keeps the trees blurred enough so that they don't look like they're growing out of her head. I love how the flowers on her jacket look almost like they're growing with the grass. Smile

6. GREAT SUNSHET SHOT!!!!! Try to keep the horizon line in either the top third or bottom third of your shot to make the composition even more appealing. In this case, I think you could drop a bit of the top off without losing any of the nice color and the drama of the high waves.

Again ... GOOD ON YOU for jumping in with both feet here.

I can't wait to see more from you!


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YAY for posting! I was so scared to post my first ones!

1. I like this one best. I think the color is good and her eyes, although your SS might have been too slow.
2. I agree, sweet moment, but more like a snap than anything.
3. I wish the focus was more on her, but it's still a neat shot!
4 & 5. Try to get out of the full sun and find some shade. Full sun is HARD b/c of the harsh lighting and shadows. Still, sweet captures!
6. NEAT! Wish we were near the beach at times!

Not sure where you upload your pics, but it would be easier to CC if they were a tad bit bigger. I post mine on the medium size on flickr (totally free!)

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Thank you for your comments.

#1 is my favorite too :O) I'm hoping get it printed in at least 11x14

Most of these pics were just captured moments rather than planned shots. With the exceptions of the backyard photos which were hardly "set up".

Yeah, I really don't like the harsh shadows on her face :o( Next time I'll try sitting in the shade. I'm not sure I understand the flash comments. Is fill flash the same as the flash on your camera or are you talking about an external flash. I actually have one, but I need a part to attach it to the camera.

#3, I agree that the back ground is not great. Perhaps I can adjust it? I really wish she didn't have a paci too. But she had just been rudely awoken by mommy and daddy to look at some silly waves....

#6 Thanks for the composition advice!

The 2 outside shots are large photos on photobucket, but the others are medium I think. They were not originally intended for the photography boards, but I wanted to share them.

Thanks again!!
Can't wait to get more shots :O)

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You've got some great CC already and some good tips for next time Smile I like #1 and that last sunset one is great too! Wish they were a tad bigger but for now it's ok. Smile I was scared posting my first time as well. But I've learned a lot by just coming here.

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Glad you jumped right in!

1. Love this, so cute! she's centered and her hands are chopped - those are just things to watch for in the future. I am wondering if you can crop it so the green thing isn't in the picture, and the hand chops become not so noticeable (like a portrait crop).

2. so sweet. your white balance (WB) is off, this is a lot warmer than it should be.

3. are you doing any post processing? this one is on the magenta side ... but I love that we can see her so clearly and yet still see the waves behind her.

4. so hard to properly expose when there's so much shadow yet so much light. best to meter on her face, and expose for that. you might blow some colors elsewhere, but it's the face that matters most.

5. ditto my advice above. Wink

6. cool capture!