1st shoot

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1st shoot

These are a few images from my first play with my new camera (I know it has taken a while, but life has been busy). General CC appreciated, but settings were all over the place and I am really just figuring out the basics of the camera. My daughter takes clarinet and oboe lessons after a couple years of writing checks, her teacher and I worked out a trade. I do her family pics at christmas and individual photos of her 6 children once or twice a year. I get practice, she gets photos, and my daughter gets music lessons!

Miss B.. 16 months old

Super K, age 5

Princess L, age 3

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What kind of camera do you have? what mode on the camera were you shooting int? I think you have a great system with your DD's music teacher and having subjects to practice on will help for sure Smile I love that rocking horse. It would be nice to see the whole thing in the bottom pic of that series.
The tea party pics are cute! The one minus the rock is better than the one with the rock in the background but I would have moved your setup so the rock was totally out of the image.
Watch for limb chops - Super K's fingers are cut off a bit in the left one. he look slike he's standing higher than you in the rightsided one. If you were higher than him/shooting down you could possibly get more light in his eyes.
I like these Smile Keep practicing!!

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awesome trade!!!!!!! I need to come up with some kind of barter like that. Wink

the things that stood out to me in terms of your photos that need a little more work are:

1. the big picture of Miss B seems soft - she might be fine on your end, the resize for web might have softened her. her arm seems to have some hot spots, and she seems overall on the cool side

2. skin tones are different on Super K. he's warm in the top photo but cool in the bottom. the hand chop definitely bugs me in the top photo. love the bottom one though, nice focus!

3. Princess L is very sweet ... but the hat is hiding her face and that bothers me. what we do see of her is very shadowed because of the hat. a close up of her with good lighting would be a nice addition to the collage, if you could take away one of the photos where the hat hides her.

good practice though, I bet the mom loves these. I'm just being picky with my feedback for you. Wink

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LOVE these story boards!!! And I'll bet mom is super happy with these results! I think the barter system is one of the best things ever invented. :+)

Gwen arleady touched on much that I see. There is so much to love in what you've done here. LOVE that hat on Ms. B. These are all such sweet compositions. I love the shot of her looking away. Melts my heart.

The finger chop is unfortunate in Super K's big photo, but I love the playful feel you created in grouping these shots together. It just SCREAMS boy to me and it's perfect that way! My favorite photo of the set is the bottom right though. He seems so mischevious here.

the tea party is AWESOME! You really did a great job with this set. The pic of her pouring the tea seems softer than the rest, but otherwise, GREAT CAPTURES!

isn't it fun to have others to photograph?! it seems to have really brought out your creative strengths and I love seeing it!