2 yr Old Session - Just 1

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2 yr Old Session - Just 1

Just sharing one for now. I was so surprised to get a call from someone wanting a portraiture session. I've been SOOOOOOO slow lately. This little boy was adorable. 2 yr olds are really hard to shoot...but I think I got some great stuff. The family shots, I'm not so sure...but I got lots of great solo shots of the boy.

I'll probably go back and fix that shadow on his face....and bummer about the finger chops, but I still love this shot.

IMG_2583 copy FACEBOOK by amberbella, on Flickr

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Too cute!

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Saw this on FB. He is stunning and the light is amazing Biggrin

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Adorable! Love it!

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Love! Is this with your 70-200?

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"kris10gal" wrote:

Love! Is this with your 70-200?

Yup....I always bring my entire collection of lenses and those lenses just sit in the bag pretty much the entire time. So glad I was able to use the 70-200 for this entire session. It's my baby.

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Wonderful shot, Amber, I love the expression, full of mischief, and yes, the light is so fabulous!

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YES! LOVE this! And 2 year olds are almost impossible! Great shot Amber! Can't wait to see more.

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I really love the colors and light!