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Well 2012 has started off pretty great for me photography wise with some amazing opportunities coming my way.

I am even more in love with photography and since the move to the new apartment/studio my images are just so much better, I've overcome my fear of white backgrounds, enjoying the best natural light ever, I'm getting a lot of business, new clients and even had clients come from interstate for a session with me which was a great and proud moment.

My work for the children's modelling agency has also picked quite a bit too which is awesome to be thought so highly of.

The other day I was approached by someone who has asked me to mentor them. Now that was scary. The other thing I have been asked is to run some workshops as some people think I have a unique approach to the way I work.
It is funny to be noticed and recognised for something you love doing. Weird too as I know I am not as amazing as some photographers out the that I admire(a few of them even post here)

Anyway I wanted to share some new stuff from this month...oh and I have officially fallen in love with my 50mm

This 'little' bubba was born weighing 11lbs 15oz :O

Thanks for looking guys!

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CONGRATS on such an amazing start to the new year, Cazz! I'm not at all surprised that you are being asked to move into teaching and mentoring roles. You have an amazing and unique eye and there are so many who will benefit from studying your methods. Just as we have all here. Biggrin

You've shared some really great stuff here, but I find myself especially enjoying your b&w treatments - these have much more of a high key feel than some of your other conversions and I am really diggin' it.


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Congrats Cazz! I am not sure if its just my screen but the B/W is starkingly bright. Otherwise, very lovely pics.

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Lovely work, Cazz, and congratulations on the attention you're getting -- it's well-deserved! I too like your high-key conversions. I'm really developing an appreciation for high-key images!

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Count me among your many fans! You've got a lot of talent as well as a signature style. I definitely think you've nailed the white backgrounds (although I hope you'll keep doing dark backgrounds, too). I just love the shot of the lady! It's so light but it has just enough contrast and texture. I don't think I could have pulled that off.

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You're work has changed so much since I first started coming to this board. You are truly inspirational and talented! Your edits above are a bit on the bright side for my tastes, but the amazing non the less!

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Congrats on a fantastic start to 2012, hope it continues to be great. Your pictures are beautiful as always, thanks for sharing them with us.

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Great job Cazz! You have grown SO much and I love watching you grow even more! Your edits are high key, but I do like them and that's YOUR style! Well done!

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Cazz, you're doing a fantastic job. This set of images is, by far, your best that I've seen. Keep up the great work. You're definitely finding your niche.

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Awe, thanks everyone.

This might sound weird. I don't start out to edit so bright but they always end up a little brighter than I expected. It's just the way I work I guess. I have tried to tone down my black and whites especially. I might have to work a little harder at that.

I think, too that my improvement has happened because I am not afraid any more. I use to get butterflies really bad when I had someone for a session in those early days. Questions like "What if I stuff it up" "What if they don't like them" etc.

Now I am more confident in my ability to produce a good image I don't get nervous I get excited! I am also striving towards little to no editing which is slowly becoming a reality. Apart from Cropping, levels and an occasional colour boost, B&W conversions or my recent "vintage style" processing I try not to have to do too much.