3 for CC from a Newborn session

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3 for CC from a Newborn session

These are some newborn pics I took about 2 months ago for my cousin. It was the 2nd time using my photography lights. What do ya'll think?

f 3.2 1/30sec ISO 400 50mm

f2.5 1/600 ISO 800 50mm

f 3.5 1/60 ISO 800 50mm

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# 1 is nice, could do with some brightening though.

# 2 I would warm up a little. I would have cropped to hide his nappy.... oops I mean diaper

# 3 I like this one, brighten it up a little though.


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I know NOTHING about using lights, so I cna't offer any ideas or CC there... but here is some general CC
1. Looks OOF/soft and "floaty" with nothing to ground the boys. Also, older boy fades into the shadows. I would brighten and sharpen a bit
2. I would warm this one quite a bit, smooth skin a tad and crop as Cazz suggested. If re-shooting, I would tuck his hand under his head or move it down so his face wasn't blocked

3. Not digging this one... Babe looks uncomfortable, like he is rolling away. He appears to be missing a hand, the socks kill it for me, as well as the clash of soft blanket with masculine props.