3 month baby CC

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3 month baby CC

I offered my friend to take some photos of her little girl. We're really close friends and have kept putting it off. So, today I just brought my camera with me and told her I was able to do it today. She said ok- just none with her today since she did do her hair and had a headache. Smile

I got a lot of cute pictures and am enjoying editing them so much! Here are a few of the ones I have done so far and would really appreciate any CC on the edits since a lot of them are similar to the ones below. -Wanted to add that I didn't sharpen for web on these.

I kept trying to get her shirt to lay flat to get rid of the shadow on her chin, but it wasn't working..

This one I wish I had focused on the bottom eye instead of the top, but oh well. Also, not sure how to get rid of the drool chin.. but not sure mom will care either.

This one is funny because her 2-year old son is in the background yelling. Blum 3 Again, not sure if she'll care- she might actually like that he is in the background.

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cutie, great catchlights
I think you'd have to move her around a bit, the lighting in the first two seems a bit harsh but there's no light in her eyes

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These are nice. I am sure your friend appreciates this. I would suggest next time to prop her up with a boppy or something and get a bigger blanket to get better background.

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cute, im sure you're friend was grateful and i think she will really like these.

As for CC

Your lighting seems harsh, which makes these photos look more snap shotty (is that a word) lol

Good job though overalll!

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I like #1. I think maybe propping her up or a bigger background would have helped, but I would be satisfied with these if she were mine! Cute baby!

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Thanks everyone! I agree with all the CC. I really appreciate it! Biggrin

As for harsh lighting, do I just close the curtains a bit to let in less light?

I actually will be taking some more pictures of her with her brother and parents. I may attempt to do more like these though. What I did was use a huge arm chair that they have with a blanket underneath. Should I put a blanket on the back and bottom of the chair? She has a pink one that could do that. Should I put the boppy underneath the blanket on the chair?

I want to try this the next time I'm there now.

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What I meant by bigger backdrop/blanket was like in the first one- you can see the other stuff behind the blanket. #4 kind of has the same thing going- you can see something else (?) right behind her head.

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They're cute Jacquie! I like #1 and #4 best. In #4 her eyes seem flat even though they have lots of coloration in them--I guess because there's no reflection showing. I love the clarity of all your pics though!

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I agree with what's been said already. The light is a bit too much. Maybe move the chair so it's not right in the sun's direct path? Can't tell if that's the case or just way too much light. Also, the backgrounds/blankets with wrinkles and folds are a bit distracting.

But with that, I think Mom's really going to like these. She's an adorable little girl and these are much better than anything I have of my DD at this age.

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Your best lighting is in the last one. She is turned away from the light in the first few, giving it unfavorable shadows and appearing snapshotty.

Definitely use a boppy or beanbag to prop her and tack/tape/thumbnail a blanket or backdrop to the wall.

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#2 and #3 I wish you'd gotten higher...the angle is akward.

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what a cute baby! the boppy suggestion is a good one. and you definitely need her more towards the light. the last one cracks me up!