<3 my speedlight

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<3 my speedlight

These are just snaps... I was simply playing with the flash. These are SOOC. The first is without the flash and the 2nd is with. I was using my 18-55 mm kit lens, since it's what was on the camera. Otherwise I would have opened the app more and lowered the ISO. But like I said I was just playing with the flash.

f/5.6 1/200 ISO 2000



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Yep! I was sooo happy with my snaps after I got mine! Smile

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Yay!! I'm so glad you like it! I know that I'd be lost without mine!

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Good on you for jumping in with your speed light! I can see you are already finding a good groove with it! And I can't wait to see more.

Take care,

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Congrats! It is nice to have when you are stuck inside the house all the time... lol.

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I love mine too!

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Looks good, keep practicing, I'll be sitting here in envy.

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I have been thinking about getting one myself. That filled in the light really well!

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I love mine too! Even if it's bright and sunny outside, it's very hard to get decent light in our house.