3 random photos (CC please)

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3 random photos (CC please)

I went out in the pasture Saturday and saw a few great opportunites to take pics. I just hope I didn't screw them all up. The last one is of Randy. Did I put him too close to the wall? CC please.


2) 1/400

3) 150
f/10- whoops....

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1) I really like this, but would crop it in a bit taking out the tree on the left and some of the grass on the bottom.
2) The colors are great, but something just isn't doing it for me on this one?
3) So cute, but yes, I think he is too close to the wall. It's creating the shadow and makes it look like a snap. You want to pull him out to get better DOF as well.

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Thank you Tiffany.
I will try the crop you suggested for #1. I didn't realize I half way cropped out that tree. Stupid me.
On #2- Randall didn't like it either.....guess it was just me. :shrug:
Thanks for the advice on #3. I don't remember what my settings were.

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What were your settings? Smile that would help a lot i think. The first one is nice. I like the sun flare! The second one doesn't do much for me. I think I'd like to see more grass actually. Smile last one is a bit too close to the wall yes. but really cute though Biggrin

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click on "more properties" on flickr on that one photo to get settings Smile

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The settings weren't working earlier- but they are now...sorry.


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I really like your sunflare and would like to see the suggested crop.

I agree that the second doesn't do much for me, I would like to see more of the scenery but the colours are fab.

#3 is very cute, and you are spot on that you should pull him away from the wall a bit.

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cool sunflare Smile

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Love the sun flare (which I did not know that was called until today. Learn something new!)

I agree with the PP suggestion of the crop for #1.

I love the color contrast of #2, but I would like to see more green. There is so much blue in the pic.

I do think he's a bit close to the wall in #3. But, very cute pic!

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Sadie, I LOVE your sunflare!! yep, crop that tree on the left plus some grass, it's a wonderful capture! I love the colors of the second, but otherwise, there's not so much to it. I like to take pictures like that too though. Wink And I love seeing Randy's sweet smile in the last one, he's getting so big! Yep, open your ap and pull him away from the wall.

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Love # 1

I actually like # 2 but would like the horizon to be a little straiter

#3. What a cutie, yep a little too close for my liking

Well done..... keep em coming


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I like the sunflare! I cant seem to do that in a clear sky with out blowing the sky to pieces! #2 has great colors, but not enough of the ground to be in the ROT. Cute baby in #3, but like you said a little too close to the wall. 2-3 feet away is a good rule to follow. Very hard to maintain with a mover tho!

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Hello! COOL sunflare! Love it! Love the catchlights in #3 and adorable smile!