3 Shoots in One Weekend...Not For Me.

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3 Shoots in One Weekend...Not For Me.

I wound up doing 3 shoots last weekend (before, during, and after the incident). I found out it's NOT For me. If I keep doing families/ACTUAL shoots, I'll stick to one a weekend.

The family on Friday night was amazing, I was most happy with those photos. The mom is my BF from high school's older sister. The oldest DD, who is now 13, I watched when she could barely lift her head off the floor as a baby.

Here are my favs from that shoot...though, I have more I really like!

1) 1/200 f/2.2 200
2010-10-22 06 R

Not sure about this BW...I'm horrible at conversions!
2) 1/200 f/2.2 200
2010-10-22 07 R BW

3) 1/320 f/2.2 200
2010-10-22 12 R

4) 1/320 f/1.4 200
2010-10-22 21 R

5) 1/400 f/1.8 200
2010-10-22 01 R

(sorry, I'll stop with this crew...)

Second family (the family I dropped my camera with) was a new family I had never met before. I had about 20 minutes with them. I wasn't happy with the photos I got. This is the only other one I really like from this group.

6) 1/100 f/2.0 200
2010-10-23 05  WEb

And the last family on Sunday. This was a quick session and the Mom just wanted shots of each of the 5 kids and a group shot. These are the two other photos I like from that session. The others I had to settle on. GOT to work on consistency! Sad

7) 1/1600 f/2.0 200
2010-10-24 01  Web

Dirol 1/1600 f/2.0 200
2010-10-24 04  Web

I know there are a lot so don't feel like you need to CC them all. One, all, or none is just fine. But any and all CC is always welcome!! Thanks Smile

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I don't have time to properly CC, but wanted to reply. Love the photos from the first set, I was looking at those on FB and thought you did a great job! Sucks about the camera drop with the stranger shoot. Sad How did you end up with the stranger shoot? I've only had one of those so far. Of the third set, the second photo has WB issues ... her eye whites are pink. Actually, I'm seeing the magenta in the first one of that set too. Good luck, I struggle with consistency in PPing too.

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Well I love the photos -- I think you did a great job! Have you tried an action for your B&W conversion? The Audrey one is great for B&W Smile

Sorry that you dropped your camera with the strangers. Did it completely break?

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I too adore the first sesion ones! What a great looking family! I don't have much advice on conversions, I use an action and tweak it.

I think the 2nd session photo could use a pop. It's looking a bit flat.

The 3rd session- did you smooth the little girls face? Her face looks really smooth! I wish my skin was that creamy!

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I like the ones from the first session best, especially #1 Smile

On the second session it looks like you were dealing with overcast skies. (not saying that's bad) I do find that if the subject isn't looking up, you get those black hole eyes. I think that would help with the last one. I do see some catchlights, but here eyes look pretty dark still.

#2 the conversion looks a bit muddy to me. I think it could use some more contrast.

I keep thinking I am seeing a ton of blue in their shirts, but then I realize they are wearing blue underneath Blum 3

Three families in one week does sound a bit hectic. Great job pulling it off though Smile

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3 shoots in one weekend IS a lot!!! I get flustered if I have more than 1 a week (which, is pretty rare for me, but still ...)

You got some really great shots from all 3 groups though!

1. this is one of my favorites of this first set. I love the warm colors and am SO IMPRESSED at how clean your whites look w/out being blown!

2. I think w/ a bit more contrast this could be a great conversion. Her shirt looks grey and we know it's white.

3. GREAT composition! I'll bet this is one of their favorites. If you can manage it w/out too much work, you might remove the stranger in the background. That little bit of blue in his/her shirt seems out of place.

4. Is there anything sweeter than a dad w/ his girls???? Nice job, great bokeh!

5. if these were MY girls, I would want this one on canvas. Seriously! This one ROCKS!

6. This is a super sweet mom/son moment and I'm sure they'll love it. His shirt is blown though and looks a little on the cool side. I'll bet mom loves it anyway.

7. Great group shot! Too bad the little one's eyes are squinting, but even with that, they all look happy. Color looks really good.

8. it may be my uncalibrated monitor here at work, but the color looks a little off to me. I love the composition. And the bokeh is awesome. but her face looks magenta while her neck looks cool. I'm really impressed with how good focus looks at f/2.0!