3 year old and a 18 mth old and new strobes!

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3 year old and a 18 mth old and new strobes!

After saving and scrimping for a year i was finally able to put enough money aside to buy my bowens strobes and softboxes and i used them today for the first time...these girls were just too cute!!

How are the skin tones??

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I love the way you use plexi! Gorgeous pictures!

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Yay for new toys!

Skintone on 1 and 2 are completely different. 1 is red and 2 is yellow.

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yes i processed the first one completly different...

which one is betteR?

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YAY for something new! Yahoo

Loving these pics and I second the plexiglass! Last one is adorable!

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I agree with the different skin tones, but other than that perfect! Smile love them!

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hooray for new toys!

they are super cute. Smile and I love that hat!

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Woohoo, new toys!!

These kids are gorgeous! I am jealous of the plexi, I only have a small piece. As for the skintones, how about somwhere in the middle of the 1st 2?

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Sab, you rock.

# 3 is perfect and my absolute fave

Luv ya girly


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These are great! I cant comment on the skin tone as I am here at work and every thing looks pink... lol. I love your diaper cover and hat set! where did you get it?

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ok I hope these aren't dumb questions but first what is strobes? and what is your background. One you bought? Is that plexi glass that you are using for them to sit on?

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These look great....I am bad with skin tones, so I have nothing to offer. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #3. That expression is just priceless!!

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I prefer 1 to 2 for skintone.