3 year progress post - very pic heavy

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3 year progress post - very pic heavy

It's about 3 years since I got my canon 40D(which I'll be upgrading very soon if something goes my way over the next few weeks to the Canon 1D Mk IV :eek: )

So I thought I would share my journey so far. Not as spectacular as some that I have seen but I think I have done well Biggrin

I started out mostly shooting flowers cos my access to kids/people was limited but I think I have more than made up for recently I also changed from PC to Mac so photos earlier than December 2008 are pretty much lost Sad

December 2008

Catchlights. I was obsessed with getting them,not a bad thing but I was not worrying about anything else in the process haha!

February 2009

I thought this was cute and it is but probably not something to hang on the wall

Hubby.... a slightly unwilling victum

March 2009

Started practicing on anyone I could

What can I say... it looks great in black and white Biggrin

New name, new watermark after reading a tutorial on here on how to make one.

October 09
My first maternity shoot with my sister.

It was on this day that I fell at my parents house and dropped my camera. My lens snapped at the base where the camera joins on to it. Down one $800 lens. Camera was not damaged though thank goodness. I cried for hours!

I lasted 4 days and had to get a new lens $1300 later UGH!!

My nephew Seth was born in November. He was 7 days old when I did my very first newborn shoot.

UGH conversion....

I know there is heaps wrong with this now but I still love the capture Biggrin

December 2009

My second newborn shoot. Baby lily

bad bad bad

January 2010


baby lily

OMG I forgot about this one.... time to relearn everything I thought I knew when it com eto PP

Stranger shoots...... still havent learn't what watermark is meant to mean haha

I think though, that this is when I started really looking at my settings, lighting all the things you are supposed to, not that I wasnt but I think I was winging it half the time.

April 2010

My first teen

Full sun!

The only selective colouring I've done. I still like it. First real stranger shoot set up by Lily's Mum.

Sethy - funky catchlights.

More strangers - word going around that I had "a really good camera" and wanted practice.

Sethy again - 8 months old and baby sister less than three months away.

Oh man..... practice maternity shoot - turned out to be the only of the pregnancy as baby dusty was born 5 weeks early.

I'm supposed to be getting better at this..... Right?

November 2010

Baby Dusty, 1 day old born 5 weeks early - proud of this photo as no flash in a dark NICU

Click Click Click - I think this is when it started to really click with me.

December 2010

First cake smash


Sethy's cake smash


I really think that this year has been a much stronger year for me, I guess of course with all progression, this happens.

It's just that I'm getting it right more than wrong and more better shots that worse, requiring less PP.

My friend, has this as a giant canvas on her wall. Its gorgeous. Huge affirmation for me as she is my best friend, I've known her for 24 years now and she only ever glanced at any pics I took with a 'hmm they're nice'

I do not like posed photos and find I really love the ones that happen between forced smiles.

Speedlight practice - baby dusty

Another newborn session


My gorgeous nieces Darcy and Anna

New nephew Archie-James

And another newborn - stranger and one of my most favourite shots ever

And more recent stuff

If you have reached the bottom of this then well done. I hope you had time for a nap in between.

I really did this post for myself. I know I am not the worlds best photographer but I like to think I have learnt and grown and I don't think that this would have happened if not for this photo board.

Love you girls!


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What a GREAT thread, Cazz! I enjoyed seeing your progression over the past three years. Your technical skills just keep getting better and better, and you've developed a beautiful signature style!

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Great progress Cazz!

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Wow you really have progressed, what a wonderful journey and great pictures, I enjoyed viewing them.

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Wow....you started off light years ahead of the level I started at! Nice work Cazz!

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Thanks guys.

Janet: I think I am finding my own style. Its developed more over the last 6 months than any time before it.

Lauren and Amanda: Thanks. It was weired going back through them.

Amber: from someone with your amount of talent I feel humbled by your complement.

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I too loved this! I loved watching you grow! Your work is so much fun to watch!

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Ditto! Great progress thread!! I love your new work!

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it is amazing how much you have grown!! can't wait to post my own one day and hopefully see such an amazing difference

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Wow, you did a great job of putting it all together and it's amazing to see your journey. thanks for sharing!