A 3 year progression

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A 3 year progression

In a few weeks, it will have been 3 years since I got my first DSLR. I bought it specifically to take "professional" looking pictures of my kids, but had NO CLUE what I was doing, and thought the camera would do all the work for me. Anyway, today is my oldest daughter's birthday, so I was looking thru my old pics to find a few to post on my BB. Thought it would be fun to show you my photography progression. I must admit, I didn't take my camera off auto until last July, so I only count this last year as my true photography journey, but, it's fun to look back at least.

My first photoshoot of DD with my new Nikon D40x--had no idea what pinlights were, or undeexposure for that matter, but boy, I thought I rocked this picture! (1 year old pic)

1 year with my camera (2 year old pic)--I loved a strong vignette

2 years with a DSLR--upgraded to the D90 at this point--still working on nailing focus

3 years--another new camera...bought my D700 a couple of months ago

I still have a long way to go, and I'm constantly learning things. I think I have progressed a lot slower than many, at least on ILP where people learn to rock their cameras in 3 months, it seems...but for me, it has been a fun journey, and I love having an artistic outlet. I know I don't post here nearly enough, but I lurk pretty much daily, so just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of information I've learned here!

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I love this! I mean, it's really neat to see your progression with the same child, ya know? Very cool!

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Lisa - how great to see your daughter grow! Happy Birthday Gracie!!

Thanks for sharing this progression! It's so fun to look back and see where we've been in our journey Smile

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I love the progression and that first picture is really cute! you've done a good job! and may I say...you are lucky to have upgraded a couple of times already. I am still using my same 40D I got 2 years ago. Lol

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LOVE progression threads!! You've gone through an amazing journey. Try not to comare yourself to others (easier said than done!).

I get frustrated every single day! But, I've figured out that you find your groove in your own time.

Happy Birthday to your DD Smile

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I too love seeing your DD grow up in these pics! Too cute! I love progression pics. I so need to do this- I will work on it tonight! I hope to see you posting more often! Biggrin

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HAPPY BRITHDAY Gracie ! She is adorble and you have done a great job capturing her.

I am right there with you... I feel like I haven't improved much and I've had my camera almost a year now. I really need to make more of an effort to get out and push myself. But I'll get there someday... maybe!

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Wow, great improvement! And I'll be right there with you doing it a tad slower than most....but it's ok because you are doing great!