365 **Challenge #17** Nov 7 - 20

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365 **Challenge #17** Nov 7 - 20

I will make this challenge longer than normal, since I missed posting it last Friday. Sorry ladies.

The objective of this challenge/project is to help everyone become more familiar and comfortable with their camera by attempting to use it daily!

I will post a new theme each week starting Saturday and will continue on every Saturday.

Everyone who wish to participate is encouraged to try and take pictures on a daily basis that will emphasize on that week's theme.

Remember this project is a learning experience. Everyone is welcome to give CC as much as possible. Also include your photo settings.

Have fun everyone!

November 7 - 20: Framing

Framing: A photography Technique defined by Denise Gormish is:

One of the easiest ways to take a creative photograph is to compose your subject with a frame around it. A photographic frame is an object that that acts as a border or frame for your subject. The frame directs the viewer’s attention to a particular subject or point of interest within the photograph. Frames also create perspective and show depth.[/SIZE]

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Thanks for keeping these going El. My stretch goal for the week is to participate! Smile