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4 for CC, JMK

Just wanted to share a couple of my sons 2 month old pictures. If you would like to cc them that would be ok.

f 1.8 1/1600 ISO 800

f 3.2 1/500 ISO 800

f 3.2 1/500 ISO 800

f 1.8 1/1600 ISO 800

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I can't believe he's two months old!!

1. Your SS is so high here ... because your ap should be more closed up. he's pretty soft to me.

2. this one is much sharper, my favorite of the set. I'd brighten it a bit though.

3. love his expression Wink

4. this is underexposed ... but the eyes look great! brighten him up some. he's centered, but I don't think that's a big deal.

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Oh my he has grown! What a handsome little man!

The positions you have him in aren't the best positions. I know that 2 months is hard though! Wink

My fav is probably is the last one. He looks so serious!

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cute shots! Smile My fave is #2! I like everything about it. Could use a bit of brightening though. Gwen is spot on about #1. Increase your AP a bit. It won't be so soft. Did you sharpen for web on these? I think all could use a bit of brightening.

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I agree with what Gwen said. However, my favorite is #3. I think the wrinkles at the bottom and horizontal lines across the top of the couch in #2 are a little distracting, but I do love his pose.

He's a cutie pie!

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Oh Nichole ... He's just getting cuter and cuter!

Here's my thoughts ...

1. I like his positioning and his sweet little expression here. But like others have said, your aperture was too far open and he's just not in focus. This is still a sweet snapshot though.

2. Technically, this probably the strongest of the bunch. Focus looks good here and I am impressed that you don't have any noticable noise at iso 800!

3. This is my favorite of the set. I love that we are close up and can see those sweet eyes.

4. Despite being a touch under exposed, this one is my 2nd favorite (& it was a close call). I adore his serious expression and you got lovely catchlights. Both eyes look to be in focus and that is hard for f/1.8. I love how the shallow DOF really puts the emphasis on this adorable boy. Brighten it up just a tad and this is a true winner. Smile

I can't wait to see more of your adorable guy!