4 mth old & family shot for CC Please

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4 mth old & family shot for CC Please

I recruited my good friend and her family to let me take some practice shots. Here are a few of my favs. Hard cc on anything please, I want to continue to improve. Please do not feel obligated to cc them all, I know I added alot here and I know how time consuming that is.

Speedlight was bounced off ceiling for all of these. Not enough natural light for me this day. boo. (and...I stuck to RAW, you guys were right, it was worth the leap, I found it easier to PP afterwards!)

1. f/5.6, 1/80, 21mm, ISO 200
IMG_8324 124 pp web water

2. I don't do well with lower aps...does it look too soft? I also didn't brighten the white backdrop up, do you think I need to mask that?
f/2.2, 1/80, 50mm, ISO 400
IMG_8366 208 pp web water

3. Is she leaning too far back? I struggled with posing her on the bean bag. I was bummed I didn't get eye contact here.
f/5.6, 1/80, 39mm, ISO 200
IMG_8274 024 pp web water

4. My bad attempt at a foot shot...mom really wanted a "cute foot shot"...mine were all horrible for the closer up kind, so this one was all I got...
f/5.6, 1/80, 27mm, ISO 200
IMG_8282 039 pp web water

5. And two family shots...I am sooo not creative with posing.....any suggestions?
f/5.6, 1/80, 21mm, ISO 200 for both

IMG_8305 086 PP1 web water

6. looks awkard huh?
IMG_8285 046 pp web water

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wow you're getting so good at this wtg (esp on the leap to raw!!!)

awesome eye focus on the first, can't tell on the second looks pretty good might be a very tiny bit off (or just me at this focus) but if it is it is so minor and selective eye sharpen will fix it
don't care about the diaper in the foot shot and I think you need to be a wider ap to get just the foot in focus

not calibrated so take my colouring with a grain of salt - the skin looks different in all the shots, this is one area I'm really bad at so I can't help sorry

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1 is awesome, 3 is so lovely and I like the 1st family pic


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1) love the focus here, great capture!
2) brighten the background, but cute pose!
3) probably my fav!
4) awkward for me.
5) family is cute, posing could use help, but still cute!
6) dad look oof, like the ss was too slow.

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I love that textured blanket you have! Im not digging the feet pic due to the angle. I think if you zoomed in and made the pic all about her feet it would have been better. I like the first family pic, and the second one isnt bad. I think I would have liked you to be more eye level better tho. I would like them if they were my family pics! Im just being nit picky!

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Thanks ladies for the cc, I really appreciate it!