4 year old session - pic heavy!

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4 year old session - pic heavy!

I'm finally done editing these! I have many favorites, because I really know this kid and feel like I captured different facets of her personality. I will try not to overshare here though ...

1. Yes, I know the fabric folds in the background are distracting ... *sigh*

Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320


2. Balloons! (much harder to get into the picture than I anticipated)

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320

May202010_0040 5x7

3. A close up crop of the above photo

May202010_0040 8x10 crop

4. I did a color balance layer to take out some of the pink ... I'm hoping it was enough

Exposure: 0.006 sec (1/160)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320

May202010_0051 8x10

5. This is the one I shared in the other thread ... but to make it an 8x10, I had to do some cloning on the left (her right). Can you tell?

May202010_0067 8x10

6. A different angle of the same pose

Exposure: 0.006 sec (1/160)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320

May202010_0063 8x10 v2

7. Little stinker! So typical though ...

May202010_0087 5x7

8. A more traditional photo

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320

May202010_0099 8x10

9. A tilted crop from one of my favorites like the one above. Her teeth all seemed yellow in these, I'm not sure if she actually has yellowish teeth as I haven't looked at them closely since I started editing. I whitened them slightly, but not enough to make it obvious. Do they look okay to you? In the SOOC, they are MUCH more yellow.

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 320

May202010_0089 8x10 tilted

10. A fun "silly faces" collage ... she wanted to make silly faces, and I made a deal - she could make 5 silly faces if she gave me 3 GOOD faces first (we were near the end and she was ready to be done). I thought this would be a fun collage for her room, if her mom wanted.

Ellen's silly faces

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Mom is going to LOVE these...

1. Screams personality!!! I like the blue with the pink background.

2. I like how she is sitting, but I'm not a big fan of the balloons... maybe they are just too big...

3. I like the tight crop much better.

4. I think you did a nice job pulling out some of the pink.

5. Did you clone around the base board? I probably wouldn't have even noticed it though if you hadn't said something. Mom's going to love it and I'm sure they will NEVER know. Nice work!

6. I personally like the angle in #5 better, but this is still a cute shot.

7. I love shots like this... I'm all about Capturing all of their personality.

8. Traditional, yet cute. The only thing that I'm not digging is that the color of the wall behind her is so similar to her hair color, but I know there's not anything you can really do about that. I think I liked the color of the wall better when I could see more color from her clothes... does that make sense???

9. Really like this shot... definitely one I would hang on my wall if I was her mommy. I personally don't think her teeth look "too" yellow.

10. This is something I need to get better at... I think you've rocked this collage.

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Wow Gwen! These are ADORABLE! I am sure mom is beyond thrilled!

1. Love her expression. My only cc is her face seems a bit bright.
2. I like this one even with the balloons!
3. I actually like the above crop better! (funny how we are all diff!)
4. cute, cute, cute!
5. I can't tell the cloning, and I am sure mom won't either! This is probably my fav of the whole shoot!
6. Like this one too! She's just too cute! I like the yellow with that flooring!
7. Okay, THIS is my fav! Just love how she's playing with her toes and her tounge is out!
8. maybe traditional, but a GREAT shot!
9. I like 8 better, but still good shot!

the collage is PERFECT! I so need to do one like that for Ruthie's room! That's is adorable!

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thanks Jenn & Sadie!

The mom loves these and hasn't decided which is her favorite - she keeps looking at them. Smile Her older child turns 6 tomorrow and I wanted to do a session with him too. However, we're getting new floors so I can't do any photography in the house for probably another week.

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Theses are very cute, and I'm not surprised that mom loves them! Good job Gwen!

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I love the "traditional ones" (I love the blue and the blonde/tan together) and I know her Mom will love them all!!!!! The pink is very fun too and I'm glad to see you used it.
The light in #1 and #4 looks light it's pretty close or it's coming from just below her? Not sure though. It's brighter too than the rest of the pics.

I think #6 is just the cutest one Smile love that floor too Smile

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1. the background folds don't bother me, but she looks yellow on her face. Not her hands, just her face.

2. I LiKE the balloons here. I don't mind the chops on them. SHE is the focus of the photo anyway, not the balloons. This is one of my favorites though I might try a healing brush on the bug bites (or whatever that is) on her foot/ankle.

3. I like the close crop and never would have realized it was from #2 - it has a totally different feel and I like it!

4. I think this one looks really nice. Even the background doesn't seem overpowering. there is some kind of strange magenta/pink line on the chair though ... just under her fingers and arcing back toward us. I'm guessing that is some kind of reflection. It's not too much, but I would probably try and mute that a bit. This is one of my favorites of the set. She's a cutie and you really get a feel for her personality here.

5. If I look really closely, I can see where you did the cloning. But honestly, I don't think it's going to be noticable to anyone enjoying the photo. In fact, if you hadn't mentioned it (& I hadn't gone looking for it), I probably wouldn't have notices. This is a GREAT one, Gwen. Portfolio worthy, imho. Smile

6. This one is beautifully done, but I like the angle in #5 better. Again, I would think about using the healing brush on the bite marks on her foot (her left, our right).

7. I'll bet Mom just ADORES this one. She looks a bit yellow, especially in the forehead. But otherwise, this is a FUN FUN FUN shot!

8. I'm seeing a lot of yellow. Maybe it's my monitor. I love everythign else about this shot and I'll bet Mom does too.

9. her teeth look fine to me. I'm still seeing a bit more yellow in her skin tones, but it looks a lot better in this photo.

10. now THIS, I *L*O*V*E*!!!! You know I'm a fan of collages and this one is FANTASTIC! I'll bet Mom loves it too (I'd order this in a heart beat)!

Great work, Gwen! You continue to amaze & inspire me!


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No pixeled pictures this time, woo hoo!!

These are adorable! I think you got some great shots. I think the only CC I have is that in #3 (the close crop) you lost some sharpness. It just doesn't looks focused. I do really like the pink background, but I'm a total pink person anyway. And I LOVE the silly face collage. Such a neat idea!

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Very cute, #1, 3 and 5 are my faves Smile