5 year portraits

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5 year portraits

My baby girl is turning 5 on Feb. 10th. I need to get some awesome ideas b/c I want to make her feel so special by spending one whole day shooting JUST her. I plan on going different places, so I want lots of ideas! I searched on flickr, and found some. Here are a few ideas I know I want to try-

  • blowing bubbles (gum)
  • balloons
  • 5 fingers

Any other ideas? I think I am going to try for more urban style since mine are ALWAYS the country style. I mean, I will probably do both... Wink

Hit me with ideas and photos ladies!

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I remember 5! Smile Happy (almost) b-day to your lovely young lady.

Of course, you'll have to get all of the traditional b-day shots too ... blowing out candle on cake, opening a present.

Why don't you try something like her 5 favorite things?

Playgrounds are always great locations.

Do you have an old fashioned soda shop/ice cream shop kind of place local to you? Ice cream sundaes often make wonderful props. Smile

I'm sure those w/ girls will offer much better suggestions. For Logan's 5th, we had a 'super hero' costume party.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.


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Feb 10 is awesome (it's my birthday too :D)

I'm a fan of bubbles, the soap kind, although I don't know how well that translates to an urban setting.

I'm stalking this thread because my big boy is turning 5 in March.

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I love the ideas you came up with!

5 scoops of ice cream on a cone? (Make it yourself to save money and buy neopolitan for a variety of colors)

5 candles on a cake

Hats, sunglasses

Sidewalk chalk to "graffitti" a bit

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GiGi- LOVE the ice cream parlor idea! Of course I will be doing the traditional ones and I am super excited b/c I have my speedlight this year and I don't have to use auto! Wink I will have to check out some neat ice cream parlors around here. I know of one, but it's 45 minutes away...

Beth- LOVE your ideas especially the 5 scoops of ice cream! GREAT idea! I can join in yours and GiGi's ideas!!!

Thanks ladies! Keep them coming!

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I just did Natalie's 5 year portraits last week, and I did the hand. I need to edit, but I will post for sure. The balloon idea is really cute!