5d markii/daycare shoot

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5d markii/daycare shoot

Hey girls sorry I have not been around much. I have been super busy. The daycare shoot was really good. Very long but super good! I only had 2 crying but we had time so we played and I let them shoot pictures of their favorite toys first and then they were okay with having their picture taken.

I am by no means where I want to be yet quality wise but I think my strong point is making people comfortable. I believe you can have the best quality picture ever but if the subject does not relate it ruins the whole thing.
I tell all my clients to never wear the favorite outfit first. After about 15 to 20 minutes of shooting they are warmed up and feel comfortable with me and then that is when we change into the favorite outfit. I believe my pictures are good but not the best at all since I am STILL using lightroom to edit. I have not had time because I have been shooting so much and dh said if your so busy why don't you wait till it's cold out to learn and take classes. He is right but at the same time I want to keep getting better.

So ANYWAYS! I got the daycare orders and EVERY single parent ordered. I was so happy cause I did it at no cost my only profit was if they bought the pictures so rather than 1 pic per child I worked my butt off and even changed outfits and gave each parent 5 pictures to choose from. I went to pick up the order forms yesterday hoping that they would order the pictures and my entire day was not for nothing. To my suprise not one parent ordered the basic package they all ordered extras:) I am sure this is just because they are used to your normal school photos but still I was very happy. I am thinking of getting the 5d mark ii with the daycare money however just wanted to ask you girls if when you upgraded did you really see a difference. I have the 60d but I am starting to book bigger jobs and don't want to show up to these large events with it. Even though it's a great camera. But then when I was looking at tutorials I was reading where it said quality wise there is not a huge jump in natural light and that is what I do. I am sure there has to be but if not I might just go for the canon 70-200 2.8L if I do I will be selling my canon 70-200mm f/4L (just a heads up) any suggestions ? I am still having focusing problems from time to time. I have a warranty on my camera but I am busy into november now so I don't have any time to send it in;( Unless it is just something I am doing? I am always in full manual even when I am shooting weddings so sometimes I am quickly changing settings and wonder if that is when I am missing the focus?
I really felt like I was growing but not because I have been so busy I feel like everything is kinda staying the same so I am in need of some new gear and a few photoshop classes to start growing again:) Advice on the camera would help:) Thanks I will add some shots soon.