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Thread: 6 for CC PLEEEASSE!

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    Default 6 for CC PLEEEASSE!

    Well, I can't say my subject was very willing, but I was able to get out there and practice last night! We live super close to a historic mission and train depot, so we had dinner down there yesterday and walked around afterward. I am trying SO hard to get used to my new lens! It's fun but challenging to get the focus spot on...I think I have a hard time knowing when it would be good to close my aperture? Please please CC these for me, I need to grow!
    All taken with my 50mm 1.8, ISO 100
    1. (I know this one is pretty OOF, but what about comp and stuff? still thumbs down?)
    ap 2.2 ss 1/800

    ap 2.2 ss 1/125

    ap 2.2 ss 1/125

    ap 2.2 ss 1/125

    ap 2.2 ss 1/1600

    ap 2.2 ss 1/400

    ~ Kaci

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    Great job with the practicing! Looking really good! Some quick thoughts from me:

    #1 -- LOVE the comp, it's great! Also like how you made the light really work for you, and his shadow on the wall.

    #2 -- So cute! Love his expression, even if he was unwilling. I feel like the focus fell on his shirt in this one and #3, though?

    #3 -- Like the comp here too, but wonder if it'd be a bit stronger without the lights in the upper right corner -- they draw my attention as much as he does.

    #4 -- Comp works better for me with less of the light, as per above.

    #5 -- Oh, LOVE this one so much!!

    #6 -- AWESOME! Beyond cute, and love the comp and everything about it!!

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    I think you did a great job! I actually like how he is serious in all of them, then smiling in the last one. Which I LOVE!!!!!
    ~ Tara

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    I love my 50 for shooting outdoors...i always get such good results from it.

    #1-Looks like the sun was still pretty harsh when you were shooting though and best would be to find some open shade to shoot in, backlight, or shoot when the sun was a bit lower.

    do you toggle your focus points? I always try toggle my points to get focus on the eyes--seems like focus fell elsewhere in 2 and 3

    I like the last image, but just that darn piece of grass right above his eyes botches it for me. Maybe next time try shooting slightly above him (like in the last one) to get more light in your subject's eye. Even with a serious expression it'll make a difference in your image.

    I think you did a great job, and this location sounds awesome. Keep shooting!

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    Great set! I agree with previous CC. Keep at it, I love that location!!

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    Good on you for getting out there w/ your new toy! Here are my thoughts ...

    1. focus seems to be on the building, but you already knew that. I like the idea behind it. The building and sidewalk make a great trailing line. The sun looks pretty harsh here, so exposing for his face was going to be difficult - a reflector or fill flash could help that quite a lot.

    2. again focus seems to be more on the building than his face, but this one isn't as noticeable as #1. Nice exposure and composition. Did you use your flash here? I see a pin light on his right eye. I don't find that bothersome, but that might explain why the exposure looks so nice and even here (as compared to #1).

    3. LOVE THIS! right down to his sideways glance! Exposure and focus look pretty good here and I do like the trailing line the building gives you. There is a bright spot near the top right corner that I would dodge or something so that it doesn't draw too much attention.

    4. looks like you might be getting some motion blur here. I see it mostly in his feeet and face. bumping up your SS should help that.

    5. NICE!!! I love the sun washed look you got here. Composition is nice. I could see this on an inspirational card or something.

    6. This is my favorite!!! Focus looks right on his eyes and I just love the playful feel you created with him peeking through the grass like that. I can see your reflection in his eyes. Love the warm sunny feel to this one as well.

    Great job, Kaci! I'm sure you will only get better and better as you get to know this new lens.


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    #1 - I kinda want to see what it would be like if you were closer to the building. I like the way the building leads you away. The blown spots on the building are a little distracting to me. I love his pose!

    #2 - Wish there was some more light in his eyes. Did the focus fall on his shirt?

    #3 - I think that this one needs a teenie bit of straightening. Building looks like it's leaning a bit. Probably my least favorite of the group, but the focus looks the best here.

    #4 - I like the comp a lot! Looks a bit soft to me though.

    #5 - Very nice! I love backlighting

    #6 - Cute!! I love how playful this one is. My favorite of the set. Maybe brighten him up a smidge. There's a bit of dappled lighting on his face (or is it the grass?), so it may be difficult to do though.

    You sure do have some cute kids!
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    I don't have much time, but I wanted to comment!

    Love your location here! I think you did great with the sunlight, too! Love your use of it!!

    Great job! He is a cutie!!
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    Thanks everyone! I got some great feedback, and now I have some questions!

    How do I toggle my focus? What does that mean?

    Does proper focus get more difficult the wider open you get? I feel like I'm struggling a lot with focus with the 50mm, but I feel like I don't close it down enough.

    ~ Kaci

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