6 week old baby advice needed please!
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Thread: 6 week old baby advice needed please!

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    Default 6 week old baby advice needed please!

    I have a client that contacted me to do baby photos, but the baby is already 5 weeks old. We chatted about the fact that you won't get the newborn look and she is fully OK with that, but I haven't done this age yet. I've done newborns and the sitting+ age. Can anyone post some successful posed shots from that age? I want to be fully prepared!


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    LOL I never get to post anything helpful on this board so I am happy that someone asked a question that I actually have experience with!
    Okay, so I know this picture is not very good, but I wanted to post it to prove that you CAN pose a 6 week old baby! This is my baby, shot when she was exactly six weeks old. I know there are a lot of flaws in this pic, but I get soooo many compliments from my friends about how cute she is posed all curled up.
    Anyway - the trick to doing this - PATIENCE! You have to work around the baby's schedule not yours. Since she was my baby I had a great advantage that I could just get everything ready, then take the pics when I knew she was good and sleepy.
    Have mom feed her and get her nice and full, then have her do whatever she does when it is nap time (rocking, patting, etc) then when the baby is sooo sleepy and calm, you can do a lot with them,
    BUT - be warned this mood may not last long like a brand new newborn. I know with my baby I had to get the shots pretty quickly before she started to get upset with being messed with while she was trying to sleep.
    Also, if you want to get some great awake picture, this worked for my baby at 6 weeks: I layed her on her tummy or side and then gently patted her back until she was very calm and not upset with being put down since baby's that age do not like to be put down for too long while awake.
    Hope some of that helps! I am speaking more from mommy experience than photography experience LOL.

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    Actually you can pose a 6 week old..it just takes more patience..

    I've posed quite a few at that age...the photos below are all 6-8 weeks

    this baby is 12 weeks

    Hope that helps.

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    I have to agree that you CAN do it! Ive done newborn posing at 6-8 weeks too. It does take a bit more time. Tell mom that ahead of time so she doesnt get all stressed out when it doesnt work out toward the begining. Plan on spending about two hours taking pics. Use a boppy pillow for laying down pics.. lemme go check my flickr to see if I have any on there, as Im at work...
    this baby was 2 months old
    this baby was 4 weeks old
    12 week old baby

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