7 Babies Under 7 Months

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7 Babies Under 7 Months

Hello! So, just had to share that I had the opportunity to take some pics of a bunch of babies last weekend from a friends mothers group. I had taken some photos of my best friends little boy and she shared them with her mothers group and they asked if I would take pics for them all. It started out being just 2-3 and we ended up with 7! EEK! Needless to say, it was a bit crazy! My friend was nice enough to host an "open house" and people came and ate, chatted, nursed babies, and plopped them down in my "set" when they were happy. It was both my first time shooting strangers and using lighting. I did get photo releases from them, so I will share some of them soon for some cc. Heres the funny part, I was totally SORE for 3 days afterwards. Guess I am not used to being down on my knees and crawling around on the ground for HOURS! ha. Just had to share the fun experience.

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I had one of them once. Loved it and got great pictures.
I was so sore the next few days too!

would love to see some shots Biggrin


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OHHHH!!! CAN'T wait to see! KUP!