7 month old for cc

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7 month old for cc

This was the first time I've taken photos of someone other than my own kids. This is DH's cousin's little boy. I actually asked them if I could practice on him. I feel like I have a long way to go! I'd like to figure out if I'd like to take my photography anywhere or just stick to taking photos for myself. I got a lot of blank stares for this little guy Smile Mom & Dad were not dressed right for pictures, but I did include their legs in one. I think their clothes kind of ruin it, but I'm guessing they still like it Smile

All shot iso 400 f 2.8 and ss 1/500-640


IMG_4920 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_4938 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_4959 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_4975 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_4978 by willis2485, on Flickr


IMG_4983 by willis2485, on Flickr

I feel like flickr made these look grainy? They definitely don't look like that in Lighroom or even on fb. Weird.

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Hmm..yeah, they don't look quite right. Almost like there's too much contrast or clarity? I'd check to see if his shirt is blown in these. That might be some of what we're seeing. Did the focus miss him on any of these? Again, that could be what we're seeing. It could also be your sharpening method. If I mess up with sharpening and upload to Flickr, it looks really bad.

I think these are cute, and you did great for your first shoot with someone other than your own kids! It's not easy photographing other people, especially when you get someone who isn't very outgoing.

Just a couple of things:

#3 - I think that maybe the focus caught his pants behind his head in this one. Great job getting him on his belly to get a different angle than the others.

#5 - His face is pretty centered in the frame. Maybe try a different crop if you can.

#6 - Good try with this one. Yes, mom and dad's clothes aren't ideal for it. Just watch out for the background. The plant behind him makes it look like he's wearing a bushy hat.

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Thanks, Stephanie! I checked in lightroom and #3 the focus is off. I think it's fine on the rest of them. I lowered the clarity and contrast and it did help. This was definitely a learning experience for me.

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You did a good job using the environment to help frame him/point to him in the pictures. However, with such a little guy like this, I would have liked it better had you gotten down at his level a little more. For those first two, get down on your stomach on the ground and shoot away. The ones on the bench, he's craning his neck up to look at you/the camera and it looks unnatural. I think had you gotten down on your knee and had him look straight on, or just slightly up at you, he'd look more natural, plus you might have gotten some good leading lines from the bench.
Overall, good job for your first time!