7month Old 3 for CC please : )

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7month Old 3 for CC please : )

She was very difficult to photograph
She cried 90% of the time...
this is what I got..
Mom Like them.. I don't
In the 3rd Picture Mom Kept throw that play dog bag in the picture.
Taken with my P & S 800Iso

Jazmine 004

Jazmine 001

Jazmine 002

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Great work with a P&S I love how crisp the pictures turned out.

#1 I think is a little cool, try warming it up a touch.

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Cassandra- glad you are still around! I think this age is the hardest to photograph b/c want to move, but can't!

1. I agree about looking a bit cool. You can see it in her dress. Her expression just doesn't do it for me here. Looks like she is about to get ticked off!
2. Exposure and coloring looks better here to me. Did she not like the grass? Her expression and her toes make me think she didn't like it.
3. This one is my fav out of all 3. I wish that bag thingy wasn't in there, but if mom wants it, mom should get it right!? Maybe try a closer crop b/c you chopped her foot.

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It's good to see a post from you Cassandra! Seems like it's been a while.

What an adorable little girl! And I think you are being too hard on your self. You are a MASTER with you p&s and I can see why mom likes these.

1. I agree w/ pp that this looks a litle cool, maybe even a bit over exposed - the whites seem blown. Not my favorite of the set, but focus looks nice and crisp.

2. I *love* the light in her eyes! She may not have been thrilled, but this is still a great shot. Color, focus, and exposure all look pretty good. I love the crop on this one too, great use of the ROT.

3. Play bag and all, this is my favorite of the set. Look at that light in her eyes!!!! The only nit pick I have about this shot is the foot chop, but even that doesn't bother me b/c my eyes are drawn right to her beautiful eyes and adorable pouty expression.

Nice job, Cassandra!!! Hope you have more to post soon!


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I agree that number one seems a bit cool...her skintone isn't quite as pretty as it is in the second two. Number two is my favorite...with the tutu, she reminds me of a little flower plunked down in the grass. I love her expression, even though she isn't smiling, I think she looks adorable!

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thanks alot LAdies