8 for C&C, if you please

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8 for C&C, if you please

Hi All ...

recently my "baby" brother and I met at a park with his 2 boys (aged 2 & 3). We weren't planning to meet (we were both early for a funeral) and so these are hardly more than snap shots, but I wanted to share them anyway b/c I think these boys are pretty adorable.

I've been playing around w/ different pp looks, so these are all over the place. hardly any 2 are pp the same. Blum 3 I'm trying to find one that just feels right and haven't quite stumbled on it yet. ... I'd appreciate any feedback.

all pics taken w/ my 50mm at various ss and ap. I can get the particulars for you if you like. the dappled light was beyond difficult to work with, but I still got a few that my "auntie goggles" like. Mom, Dad, and grandma are all pretty happy too.

1. my brother and his oldest

2. Lil' D

3. Lil' D again ... man the finger chop is unfortunate!

4. Bubba and his boys ... maybe it's the "auntie goggles" again, but I adore this one ... not sure if pp works though. thoughts?

5. his face isn't quite this soft in the full version. the lack of light in his eyes is bothersome though.

6. Bubba and S ... is there too much yellow in this one? I'm at work and can't tell right now

on these last 2 (2 plays on a single shot), which crop do you like better. I can't decide.

7. Lil' D being Lil' D

8. other crop

I know there are a lot and I certainly don't expect CC on everything. But if you could pick one or two, I'd really appreciate it.

It's been nice to have these to play with ... work is ... well ... let's just say "work" is a dirty word in my vocabulary right now. I've needed this distraction.


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I'll be back to CC these. Biggrin

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1) I like this one, but it just doesn't do as much for me. I know you are trying to get all the ducks in the pic, but I wish it could be a closer crop.

2) Again, I know he's reaching for the duck, but I would like a closer crop. He's so cute!
3) LOVE! The chop doesn't bother me. He's cute, and I like the angle too!
4) pp works for me, and I don't think it's auntie goggles, b/c I adore it too!
5) cute. A little soft, but I like it. The colors all work well together.
6) I like this one a lot. I don't see the yellow, but my computer isn't calibrated....at least I don't think! Wink

7) as for the crops, not sure b/c the way your watermark is, it makes it look like two different pics almost. I would like to see it without the watermark, or move it. I like the processing a LOT! I think it would neat with the first crop b/c it leads up to the little guy!

Loving these Gigi! Great work!

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GiGi, I have to run ... but I wanted to tell you that I will come back tomorrow to give you some CC (the rest of my day is shot at this point). you have some cute shots, and I definitely have some comments for you. glad to see a multiphoto post from you. just sucks that a funeral was involved, you know you're in my prayers.

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You caught some really sweet moments here. I'm not exactly qualified for CC, but I'll give it a shot. (It's my first time, so I may be wrong about everything:rolleyes:)

1) I think the processing looks good here, but like you said, the dappled light is so difficult to shoot in. I find that it distracts from the subjects in this photo.
2) Looks a little bit cool to me. But, again, please don't take my word for it! Smile
3) Cute expression!
4) Great moment.. Love it.
5) I really like this one, even with the lack of light in the eyes. He is adorable.
6) Another cute moment Smile
7) I think I prefer the first version. I would try cropping it just a bit more, but not as far as the second version... If that makes sense?

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i hope you don't mind me offering c&c since i have been mia for a while but i wanted to chime in.

generally speaking, they look a little cool with the exception of #7. i think you did well handling the dappled light. my favorite is #7 but i'm thinking i may like it with a little less of the steps on the bottom.

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1 is cute, prob be less of a snap if you were lower. Maybe try a tighter crop and get rid of the space on the right??

2 looks a bit blue (but i'm not calibrated)
6 is a super cute moment,

can't comment on the crop, my screen I can't see first one all at once. one the first I can see him just on the step and no extra so I think I like the tighter crop better

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7 is interesting...I think it's my favorite, but I think I'd like to see at least one more step. It took me a minute to realize they were steps. It almost looked like another picture below him.

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Okay, I'm back. Wink

1. I really like this one, I like how you did the PP on it ... your brother is dark, but that's because of the dappled light. I like how the ducks are looking at them, and the boy is looking at the ducks. Just a neat moment.

2. D looks really cool here

3. and he's warm here ... this one seems underexposed, probably because of the light again (as his shoulder is blown).

4. love the moment! but this also looks cool to me. I liked the PP on the first, can you import any of that into this one?

5. very sweet ... I see what you mean about the lights. would you be willing to try an eye brightening action here?

6. yes, I think there's a tad much yellow ... but I prefer the warmth of this to most of the ones above. but I love the moment.

7. closer crop ... but I think I'd like a happy medium between the two. same PP on both? skin seems different between the two of them.