9 month photo - CC please! I need it!!!

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9 month photo - CC please! I need it!!!

I did my first photo shoot with the girls yesterday for their 9 month pictures. I would appreciate all of the CC that you have. These are SOOC and I used the Creative Mode on my T1i. Please feel free to play with them if you would like, and if you want the full pic let me know and I will post it. Thanks!

1. Brooke and Addison
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperature: 6.3
ISO: 500
Focal Length: 30

2. Brooke
Shutter Speed: 1.60
Aperature: 5.6
ISO: 400
Focal Length: 53.0

3. Addison
Shutter Speed: 1/50
Aperature: 7.1
ISO: 500
Focal Length: 43.0

I know I need to fix the background on all of them because the fabric is wrinkled. And on 2 and 3 I need to fix it since the pic goes off of the background. How would I do this? I only have the software that came with the camera and I just downloaded Picasa. Two of my first purchases will be software and a speedlight!

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Hello fellow May '09er! Great job for your first attempt! You got some really nice catchlights.
Some tips:
It is important to make sure your shutter speed is at least 1/125 when photographing children--this helps keeps motion blur away. You can get your SS up by either bumping up your ISO or by opening up your aperture a little more--it looks like you shot between 6 and 7, and I'm guessing f4 would have been fine here.
I'm not sure what creative mode you're talking about, but maybe try popping it into aperture priority and set your ap as open as it will go. It will automatically set a SS for you. If your SS isn't high enough, this is when you know to bump up that ISO.
Anyway, again, great first try--your girls are so pretty! Can't wait to see some more from you.

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What cute expressions! Love #1! Like Lisa said, you definately need your ss alot higher with fast moving little ones. And your ap could have come down to about a 4.5 or so. Looks like the pics are really bright overall too. Love their dresses! My dd has the green one!

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Here is a 2 minute play I did..just so you can see what a difference having some sort of editing tool makes (I use elements).
All I did was burn the background, bring down the brightness, sharpen, and crop. I'm sure someone else could make it look a whole lot better, but it's a start. Smile


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your girls are so cute! but the first thing I noticed was the low SS ... your pictures are going to be softer when you use a low SS. you definitely could have gone with a lower aperture with these so that your SS could be increased.

be careful about where the backdrop ends too, I struggle with that, and that's a pain sometimes to fix during the PP editing.

I say give it another try so you get some crisper images. Smile

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Your kids are cute. But these are waay too bright. I think you've got good advice.

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I agree with all the above.

I had a play though.

I reduced the yellow some and increased the blacks in black and neutral to bring up the background, sharpened

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I agree about the SS. I noticed that right off
. I think that's the first thing I learned from this board Biggrin

Love them though, your daughters are just adorable and so are their dresses!

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Thanks ladies! And your edits of Brooke are great!

Lisa, Creative Mode on my Canon is bascially auto mode with just a little bit of control. It lets you pick flash option, the brightness of the pic, and the blur of the background. So you tell it what you want and then the camera decides how to do it.

I will try taking some more this week and put it in manual mode so I can up the shutter speed and lower the aperature.

Yes, they are definelty too bright. It's kind of funny because I was trying to open all the windows so that I didn't need flash, and then they come out too bright!

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Cute!!! I just got a T1i too but so far all my shoots have been with my Fuji S5100...
But I think in the T1i Creative Auto you can't adjust the SS, so you'll have to use either the Tv or the Manual setting to adjust SS manually. I have been working with M setting doing the adjustments myself and I love it! It's the best setting for getting what you want!

I have done several photoshoots of my daughter where the background was set up like that, and in PSP I just use the clone tool and smudge (blend) tool to fix the backdrop if any part gets off the edge or if there are any wrinkles or marks. It works great.

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Ditto what everyone else said about the SS. That is the first thing I learned form this board, and boy does it make a HUGE difference as far as getting a nice sharp picture. I also wanted to add that you may want to get them a little farther from the backdrop if possible.
Good luck! Can't wait to see your next set of pics Smile

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Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to try again this weekend and put them all to use and see the difference!

What is a good distance to have them from the background? I think I should have bought the fabric larger. Oh well, I will purchase the next one longer. What is a good length to get?

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Tara, I purchased 3 yards of fleece in several colors...seems to be long enough for a backdrop plus plenty of it left for the floor. If you plan on just shooting your kids, this should be enough, but if you ever want to do adults, you might want to go even bigger.

As far as distance, I usually have my girls about two feet away from the background--and I just make sure I don't have shadows before I start shooting away. I guess it depends on how much room you have--I shoot in a cramped basement, so that's all the room I can afford, but I'm guessing if you have more room than that, then you could pull them away even farther. HTH, and good luck this weekend.

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I get four yards and have my kids sit at least two feet from the background.

I think your light is good, your photos are too bright because of the SS Wink

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You've gotten some good feedback already, but I just had to echo just how cute these 2 are!!!

Make the jump to manual [or at least Tv (shutter priority) or Av (aperture priority) as an intermediate step]. You'll be so much happier with the results. :+)