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I was at my sister's baby shower, taking some pics of my nieces when the back step wobbled, I went face forward into the dirt, skinned my elbow, both my knees and my camera hit the ground at full force and broke my tamron lens........ my ONLY lens.

I think the camera is unscathed but I'll be taking it to get checked out anyway. I bawled my eyes out but nobody there really understood what my camera means to me.

Apart from the fact that the lens itself cost me nearly $1000(australian)

Its not even really how much it costs but the fact that without it I cant take pictures at all.

Okay so I was planning to get another lens very soon and get my camera serviced as there is dust in the shutter but still I could still take pictures.

I'm devastated.......... what am I going to do????

I did managed to get some shots before this happened so I might be able to post some final pictures with my lens.


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oh my gosh. I saw your FB post and was like :shock: I am glad you are ok but so sorry about your camera! Sad I don't know anything about how it works there but can you get your lens replaced perhaps? Let us know what happens with your camera. I remember when I first got my camera we went walking and I wasn't wearing the best shoes for a walk (sandals). I fell down and the lens hit the ground barely. I cought myself before I could really hit the ground. It was scary. Sorry you have to go through this :-?

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oh no Sad i'm sorry

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OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Cazz sweetie, I am so so sorry. Sad I wish I had some advice, but I'm aat a loss. Maybe get a cheap nifty fifty till you can save up the money for a really niceone? Sad I really am sorry girl.

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If you saved any of the paper work that came with it, it might still be under warranty. I would definitely check into it anyway.

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That is awful Sad every photographers nightmare, I'm sure... Did you have on a lens hood when it fell? I heard those can help protect the glass if it falls... but at full force, who knows Sad I would be devastated... I'm so sorry.

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I hope nothing is wrong with it. KUP.

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Oh sweetie, I am so so so so so sorry! :bighug: I am glad you are okay, but so sorry about your lens. I had the same thing happen to a 70-200 2.8 when I was shooting the Jonas Brothers concert and got trampled by insane teens 3 days after getting it. Sad I hope that you find a new lens. Maybe you can get a 50mm since they are cheap but yet wonderful at the same time! I hope something coms up soon, I'll miss seeing your photos!

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OH NO. Thats awful! So sorry to hear! Glad you are okay!

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Oh, I'm so sorry Cazz!!!! I would be devastated too! I was also thinking what Kelly said--maybe a nifty fifty to tide you over until the lens can be replaced?

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I'm so sorry - that's awful! I hope you get back up and running quickly!

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Thanks ladies.... I knew you would understand

Took my lens to the camera store this morning and it is unfixable. The camera appears to be sine but it definitely needs a clean inside now Sad

Still it means now photography for me for a while Sad

Oh and I asked my parents about claiming on their insurance and they tell me.... we don't have any insurance..... UGH!!

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do you still have warranty for your lens? what about the paperwork that came with it? i'd check into that. I like the idea that others have suggested. Getting a 50mm 1.8 lens for now until you can afford something else. Which Tamron lens did you have? I'm sorry again :-?

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That really sucks! I'm sorry to hear about your lens breaking but at least it wasn't you! Smile I hope you can get a lens soon and be right back into the swing of things with your photography!

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Oh goodness, I am so sorry about your lens, but rather the lens be broken than you. I hope you can get another lens soon, even if it is just something to tide you over until you caqn get one you really want.

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I am so sad for you! I would have seriously cried about it. I'm glad you didn't break anything on YOU though.

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I am so, so sorry. :confused: