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Action Opinion

I stumbled across this "Eye Doctor" action and was excited about it because A&A have such dark eyes. I showed it to my DH and he says he thinks it makes the photo look fake. Opinions? Is it just because he's looking at it next to the original, or do y'all agree? I don't always agree with what he "sees", but my eyes aren't as trained as many of you at catching/noticing imperfections.

Eye Doctor and Dentist Photoshop Actions | MCP Actions


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I will have to agree with your husband about the eyes looking a bit too much. The whites if the eyes are waay too white in some of them. You can easily brighten the eyes by applying screen mode in PS moderately. I will come back to put a step by step tutorial.

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Some are ok but some are far from natural looking

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Thanks. I agree that some were too white. But I was thinking it might just have been used excessively on those. I know with some you can adjust the opacity.

El, that would be fantastic. Thanks so much!

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Yeah, I think it looks too fake to me too. Could you just try dodging their eyes a little to brighten them without going too far?

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I havent tried that Stephanie, but I will. I really don't know my way around all f the PS tools yet. I'm slowly learning.

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Yes, I have a free version of that action....well, the eye one. It's called Eye Pop. Pretty sure I got it from ILP way back when. But you could just as easily use dodge and burn to get the effect that action creates.

The action is nice in that it just creates all they layers you need. First it creates an unsharp mask layer for you to sharpen the eyes and then it leads you through a curves layer that increases the brights...pretty much the same as dodging. I sometimes will also burn shadows to increase saturation gently and increase contrast.