advice for full sun/fill flash, etc. (pic heavy)
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Thread: advice for full sun/fill flash, etc. (pic heavy)

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    Default advice for full sun/fill flash, etc. (pic heavy)

    I bribed Logan to come out w/ me for some practice the other day (thank goodness for ice cream sandwiches!). I've got a couple of shoots coming up that are going to be in full sun, so I figured I had better practice. I brought out my speedlight to use for fill flash. I set my iso to 100. And I dragged the boy to a field of bluebonnets.

    Now ... as his mom, I love these. However, I see SO much wrong w/ them. Like ... the pin lights from the flash. *sigh* And I was having a terrible time w/ the shots being over exposed. My aperture was generally around 2.8 b/c I really wanted a shallow DOF. But I couldn't get my shutter speed any faster than 1/200 due to the sync speed of the flash (or something to that effect).

    So ... I ask this ... what would YOU do in this situation? would you close down the ap and deal w/ the cluttered background (not that I had one here, but the shoot I have coming up this weekend will be in a more populated/busy area and I won't have bluebonnets as my backdrop).? Or would you opt for a reflector instead of a fill flash?

    I'm truly interested in what you guys would do.

    Here are a few that I liked despite the pin lights and other issues. C&C always appreciated (even though I am probably much more critical than you guys would be).

    All shots at iso 100 taken w/ my 50mm f/1.4

    1. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    2. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    3. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    (no one but me likes this shot. it's just so true to how he looks most of the time. he's a serious dude. in this case b/c he thought he saw a bee.)

    4. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    5. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    (look! I tried an angle! still chopped off his elbow and knee, but .... )

    6. f/2.8 ss=1/200

    (this is for a "Deep in the Heart of Texas" scrapbook page. )

    7. and this is what I did w/ some of these pics ... gonna be printed and framed for mothers day for all the grandmas



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    Aww how cute. Yes, the pin lights are bothersome, would a reflector worked to your advantage? I am not an expert on shooting full sun, what I did learn was either have them facinf directly in the sun or their shadow. Despite the pinlights I think these are sweet pictures. Great dof.
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    I had a photo shoot in full sun this past Friday (I was the subject not the photographer lol). My friend had me facing straight into the sun (NOT fun... a lot of my pictures are squinty eyed) and she also had her boyfriend there using the reflector. That seemed to work a little better because I could open my eyes a little more.
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    I have no advice since I am clueless with lighting! I need MAJOR help with it. But when I was looking thru the pics I got to #3 and thought "Oh, I LOVE this one! It shows his personality!!!" And then I read what you wrote how no one else likes it. I think it's great!
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    I was able to get some catchlights in Eva's eyes the other day in full sun but the only problem with the pics was that she was squinting with her "bad" eye. I moved to shade but it was a litte dappled. Besides the fact she wasn't cooperating at all that day

    So the reason for using speedlight in full sun would be to eliminate harsh shadows then? (I'm still learning, and I don't have a speedlight yet)
    I do see some slight catchlights in your first pic, in the lower corner of his iris--could you maybe dodge them in Photoshop to bring them out a little more? Or in a pro's eye would that not matter since there are still pinlights?

    I love your pics anyway!

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    Well, for full sun, I think you did amazing! Seriously! I love the field too!

    1) yes, the pinlights are a bit distracting, but it's a great shot with great bokeh!
    2) absolutely AMAZING. I adore everything about this! GREAT shot!
    3) Love how he's looking away! It catches my eye!
    4) also great. Love the way the flowers draw you straight to his smile!
    5) I like the angle. You did a good job on it!
    6) love the idea of this pic! You did a great job!

    Well done on the collage too. I love it and I know they will too!
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    GiGi, I haven't used fill flash much and it's something I'd like to work on. honestly, I think you're best off using a shoot through umbrella (so OCF instead of camera mounted) or using a reflector of sorts to bounce the flash off. his grandmothers won't notice the pinlights, but I know you do.

    I do love these pictures. I was admiring them on Facebook. so jealous of the bluebonnets too. the last one is my favorite, knee chop and all.

    and I love seeing your collage in contrast with your siggy picture. the sweet and serious sides of Loli.
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    Oh those are nice pictures! the pinlights are ok. i'd try a reflector or OCF but I really can't say much. I haven't used OCF or reflectors for anything yet really. I really really want OCF though! A shoot through umbrella would be so nice. My kids just don't sit still long enough for reflectors and such though, especially my son. I think your collage is great though. I love that color!
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